Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim will be remembered in a memorial service on Friday. Instagram

‘End goal in sight’: 5 Mark Pilgrim posts that prove he’s still fighting

Alive and still going! Mark Pilgrim is fighting with every fibre of his being to beat stage four cancer, and these inspiring quotes prove it.

Mark Pilgrim

Mark Pilgrim will be remembered in a memorial service on Friday. Instagram

On Thursday evening, Mark Pilgrim was hit by fake news reports that he had died….but the radio personality wants you to know he is still fighting with every fibre of his being to beat his cancer battle.

On his social media accounts, his regular posts containing pearls of wisdom amid his health battle have been nothing short of inspiring.

The radio personality has had South Africans united in prayer with his social media posts about his health journey. They’ve also inspired many going through difficult life experiences, just like Mark.

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Last year, in a social media post, Mark Pilgrim revealed why he chose to document his real and raw cancer journey. 

The Hot 102.7 FM presenter shared: “Someone posted, asking why I’m revealing my personal health journey on social media, suggesting I should rather keep it to myself.

“Well, here’s one of the reasons I journal my cancer journey online, and it’s summed up in this message I received a while back from a follower: ‘I didn’t want to get out of bed today. I read your post… and stood up’.”.

He continued: “If my posts encourage just one person to find the inner strength to face another day, it’s all worthwhile.”

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Mark Pilgrim – known for his tagline: “Don’t stop believing” – has shared countless inspiring quotes on his social media feed.

Here are just five…

“This journey is a lesson in healing, patience, and simply… believing. I choose the outcome. And I choose life”.

“Not every day is a good day, but I continue to choose to see the sunshine every day.”

“One day at a time. One foot in front of the other”.

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“It’s about listening to your body, giving it some time to recover, and saying, ‘It’s okay. I’ve got you’”.

“It all starts with believing. You have one chance. Give it your all. You’ve got this.”

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