Malema says Makhadzi can support who she wants. Images via Twitter: @julius_sello_malema/@MakhadziSA

‘No need to explain yourself’: Malema backs Makhadzi’s ANC colours

Julius Malema has defended Makhadzi’s decision to wear the ANC’s colours after she faced backlash from fans who said her career is being sabotaged.


Malema says Makhadzi can support who she wants. Images via Twitter: @julius_sello_malema/@MakhadziSA

Julius Malema has come to songbird Makhadzi’s defense after she was criticised heavily online for supporting the ANC. While Makhadzi did not say that she was an ANC supporter, she did share snaps of herself wearing a dress that was green, black, and yellow – the party’s signature colours.

Makhadzi gets support from EFF leader Julius Malema

Just a few days ago South African singer Makhadzi came after fire for supporting the ANC after sharing a snap of herself wearing the party’s colours.

The post received a lot of backlash from South Africans who remarked that President Cyril Ramaphosa was sabotaging the star’s career by affiliating her with the party.

While many vowed to delete the Ghanama hitmaker’s music while others also threatened to unfollow her on social media. It seems not everyone is against Makhadzi’s political decisions after the EFF’s Julius Malema decided to side with her on the matter.

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Taking to the comment section of one of the thousands of tweets made about Makhadzi wearing the ANC colours, Malema wrote:

“You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone my sister, your freedom of association is protected by our Constitution. It’s your choice and we should respect it.”

Mzansi weighs in

Of course, locals were not going to leave it there just because Malema said so. Many of them shared responses with Malema regarding how they think celebrities should not be affiliated with any political parties. Some however agreed with him. Read some of their thoughts below:

@Mtho2ko said:

“Wow great leadership right there, I’m your biggest critic but this is big from you. Thank you Julius????????. I speechless”

@juliamj2001 said:

“The people who are complaining are those who were criticising her looks, her nose and her music. Now it’s her ANC invitation, they can’t stop. All of a sudden they care about her career, it’s hard to be Makhadzi.”

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