MacG says there is no difference between Minnie Dlamini and Zodwa Wabantu. Images via Instagram @macgunleashed @minniedlamini.

‘The podcast lasted longer than her marriage’: MacG slams Minnie Dlamini

MacG and Sol Phenduka slammed Minnie Dlamini on the latest episode of ‘Podcast And Chill’ following her divorce from Quinton Jones.


MacG says there is no difference between Minnie Dlamini and Zodwa Wabantu. Images via Instagram @macgunleashed @minniedlamini.

Podcast And Chill hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka dragged Minnie Dlamini for her divorce on the latest episode of the show on 17 February.


Sol Phenduka brought up Minnie Dlamini’s divorce on the latest episode of Podcast And Chill. He spoke about the time she slammed them over Jub Jub’s interview. 

MacG then said the podcast has been on longer than her marriage.

“It does look like she married a guy who was well off and they were tight and they were good and it never worked. Isn’t it poetic? The day you are bringing a life to earth she’s especially after she said… what was the tweet?” said Sol Phenduka.

“Do better,” replied MacG. 

“Yeah she said I couldn’t finish the episode. Well, the episode isn’t the only thing you couldn’t finish,” continued Sol Phenduka.

“As a matter of fact the podcast lasted more than her marriage,” said MacG.

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Minnie announced her divorce on 15 February. She said that she and Quinton tried to make it work but divorce was the final decision.

“In the last two years our family experienced incredible joy and devastating loss. During this time, we found comfort in knowing we had each other. Despite our better efforts to absorb the changes in motion, the emotional burden and the post-traumatic distress of our individual loss out weighted our will,” read the statement.

“After months of separation and consultations and with our family and counsellor, we have taken the decision to officially file for divorce. Despite the end of our marriage and romantic relationship, we remain friends, business partners and loving parents to our beautiful son,” the statement continued.

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