Kanye West on why he bought the house across the street from his ex

Kanye West’s behaviour is concerning social media users.
Image via YouTube screenshot/Hollywood Unlocked

‘Disturbing’: Peeps are concerned about Kanye’s ALARMING behaviour

Kanye West’s recent behaviour has concerned many social media users who have slammed it as concerning and abusive.

Kanye West on why he bought the house across the street from his ex

Kanye West’s behaviour is concerning social media users.
Image via YouTube screenshot/Hollywood Unlocked

Over the last few months, Kanye West has been displaying extremely erratic behaviour which many people have deeper deeply worrisome. Many of them have taken to social media to discuss how his efforts to win his wife Kim Kardashian back may lead to a dangerous ending.

They are also concerned how the rapper’s behaviour is not being taken seriously enough as it highlights many of the abusive circumstances every day women find themselves in.

Kanye’s behaviour upsets netizens

When his estranged wife Kim Kardashian first announced their split, Kanye started dating other people almost immediately.

Despite this, he went on to purchase a home next to Kim’s home, got into what appeared to be a serious relationship with actress Julia Fox, wrote a diss song for Kim’s new boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson and then begged the reality TV star to take him back and sent her a truck full of roses on Valentine’s Day.

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One social media user, Jacalyn Wetzel managed to echo the views of many other people who believe that Kanye’s behaviour is certainly a form of abuse and could escalate dangerously.

She wrote:

“When the news of Kanye purchasing a house across the street from Kim hit, I honestly thought nothing of it. In today’s world of co-parenting, many parents who choose to separate often live close together in an effort to maintain a more cohesive front. It was not strange to me. In fact, it would fall in line with the way the Kardashian’s have co-parented with their children’s fathers.

“I commend Kanye for wanting to be present in the lives of his children, and through what we can see from the outside looking in, he has always seemed to be a present involved parent. That’s where the praise ends.

“What Kanye is displaying now is disturbing and concerning. While I won’t speculate on any sort of mental health condition, nor will I blame his behaviors on one as mental health is not an excuse for abuse.

“Abuse does not always involve hitting or threatening to hit someone. Abuse comes in many forms, and the world is witnessing abusive behavior in real time. Bombarding someone with grand gestures when they’ve asked you to leave them alone is a form of harassment.

“Attempting to sabotage a former partner’s relationship because you want them back is abusive. Sharing private conversations publicly, especially after they’ve asked you not to is abusive.

“This is not some love story where a guy goes to his ex-girlfriend’s house holding a boom box on top of his head in an effort to show how much he loves her. This is a display of mental and emotional abuse in an effort to force someone back into a relationship.

“This is not OK. This is not normal. This is not entertainment.

“This is a man who has endless amounts of money and influence, which afford him the means to publicly abuse his estranged wife in front of the world. The way you feel about Kim Kardashian should not matter.

When will Kanye stop?

Many people agreed with her post and have shared their concerns for Kim. Some of them even shared similar stories of how they too were in her worrisome situation.

A lot of them have said that Kanye needs to get help ASAP because the red flags are overwhelming and alarming to witness.

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