Jojo Robinson reveals why she returned for season four of ‘RHOD’. Image via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson.

R150k liposuction: ‘RHOD’ star Jojo opens up about surgery costs

‘Real Housewives of Durban’ star Jojo Robinson revealed that she spent over R800k on ‘mommy makeovers’ and R150k on her last surgery.


Jojo Robinson reveals why she returned for season four of ‘RHOD’. Image via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson.

Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Jojo Robinson opened up about the cost of her cosmetic surgeries on an episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast on Thursday 20 April.

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Jojo Robinson sat down with radio personality Carol Ofori to talk about her mommy makeovers. She revealed that she has had over 20 things done but about six or seven major surgeries — which includes a total of four boob jobs.

Jojo also revealed that all her surgeries amounted to a whopping R800 000 with her last surgery — abdominoplasty with a floating belly button and liposuction costing R150 000 alone.

“Maybe R800k (speaking off all surgeries). My last surgery was like R150 (k). Listen surgeries are expensive hey. And I think this is the problem. A lot of people will go to a cheaper doctor or go overseas because it’s cheaper. That is not the route to go, you need to make sure the person you are going to is extremely professional. Because you can be left dead, you can be left with issues,” she continued.

The reality star shared the journey of her last surgery on social media in July 2022. She reflected on her journey of having surgery and revealed her new look via an Instagram Reel. Take a look…

“It’s Reveal time. FYI I AM NOT FULLY HEALED YET..I’m still swollen in some areas.. we are only at 2 weeks post op) and still some bruising but I’m so incredibly happy with the results,” she wrote.

“My stomach is so tight and flat even when I sit down not one roll and no loose skin????. And my waist is so much smaller It was so worth every second of pain.. ???????????? thank you all for following this journey with me. I’m looking forward to my results continuing to improve and remove the last bandages in a few weeks,” she continued.

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Jojo’s six major surgeries included three breast augmentations, known as a “boob job”. She did the first one and wanted to go bigger so went under the knife again eight months later.

“Unfortunately, you know I did it and thought I didn’t go big enough, as people do… so make sure you are happy with the size. Don’t go too small because with surgery you will swell up after surgery and that’s the size you like and it will go down,” she continued.

After having her son Rocco, she went in for a third breast augmentation, with a lift. She then added in liposuction. There was then a fourth surgery to make her breasts smaller and liposuction again.

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“Two years later I thought my body is not suiting big boobs anymore. I thought my back was sore, I had complications from having big boobs. As nice as they are it is also uncomfortable. So, then I made the decision to have a fourth surgery. In this one, we took the boobs down a few sizes and did another lift,” she continued.

Jojo then did a tummy tuck. She advised that you need to be at your ideal weight to do a tummy tuck, explaining that if it is done while you still have weight to lose you will be left with more lose skin. The reality star also did surgery to remove the fat on her sides.

She also had a thread face lift, microblading, tattoos and lip filler.

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