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A baby with one mom and two dads!

Professor “Velvet” Bhengu, 34, Mandla Shongwe, 33, and Nompumelelo Nkosi, 27, are defying stereotypes as THREEWAY reality stars.


Image via Instagram @velvetbhengu

While Nompumelelo is a lesbian and Velvet and Mandla are dating, both of them are openly bisexual.

The three of them are co-parenting their shared child.

According to Velvet, the five-month-old child has one mother, Nompumelelo, and two fathers.

“Eventually, our child will have two fathers and two mothers. That is if Nompumelelo gets a partner,” said Velvet.

Velvet said that they had been together for over three years and had a five-year-old child together with Mandla.

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They needed to locate a lady who would become pregnant for them because they were both guys, and Nompumelelo was there and willing to be part of the family.

They were fortunate to locate Nompumelelo, who was not only willing but also prepared to get pregnant. He said they inseminated at home using a kit they purchased from a pharmacist.

There was no sexual intercourse

Velvet went on to say that although there was no sexual contact with Nompumelelo, he was able to get her pregnant through home insemination.

This signifies that he was unable to have a sexual encounter with Nompumelelo in order to implant his sperm.

He took his sperm out of a syringe in their case. He then uses the syringe to inseminate the sperm inside of her.

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They just performed it once, and she became pregnant, so it was quick and efficient.

He is now the delighted father of a child who is five months old.

They appear content with the choice they made. Even though some may disagree, he claimed that everyone agreed that it was one of the finest choices ever made and that they were happy with it.

He claimed that the programme will teach viewers that anyone can have a child and become a parent. Nompumelelo claimed that because her choice satisfied her needs, she was pleased with it.

Lesbian workers are discouraged from coming out due to discrimination

According to data from myGwork, seven out of ten lesbian women encounter prejudice at work, which is preventing many of them from coming out at work.

The talent platform for LGBTQ+ professionals discovered that 75% of LGBTQ+ women and non-binary professionals were hesitant to completely come out in a study that was launched this week in honour of Lesbian Visibility Week.

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The highest rates of prejudice were encountered by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBT) and gender non-conforming persons.

Eight out of ten LGBTQ+ women and non-binary workers reported that their professional advancement was hampered by their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Employees from further marginalised communities and racial and ethnic minorities saw even greater degrees of difficulties moving up the career ladder.