Mbongeni Ngema

Lebo M and Mbongeni Ngema. Image via Instagram @thereallebo_m/ @mbongeningema_

Drama fuels between legends Lebo M and Mbongeni Ngema

South African legends Mbongeni Ngema, the ‘Sarafina’ movie producer and Lebo M, ‘The Lion King’ composer are allegedly not seeing eye-to-eye.

Mbongeni Ngema

Lebo M and Mbongeni Ngema. Image via Instagram @thereallebo_m/ @mbongeningema_

Sarafina movie producer Mbongeni Ngema was interviewed on the King David Mashabela podcast and allegedly claimed that he helped open doors for The Lion King producer, Lebogang ‘Lebo M’ Morake with his iconic animated 1994 movie, ZiMoja reported.


According to the publication, Mbongeni Ngema said that when he was on tour in America for his iconic Sarafina movie, he met Lebo M who was still a “little boy” at the time, who asked him if he could be part of his Sarafina movie which he agreed. Thereafter, Ngema reportedly said Lebo M got his big break with The Lion King movie. On the other hand, Lebo M is allegedly considering taking legal action regarding Ngema’s recent comments as he allegedly claims are simply not true.

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“I get it, when people are trying to rebuild their careers the most convenient thing to do to get attention is use my name and brand, but this is beyond silly,” Lebo M was quoted as saying.

“This is now a legacy issue, we are considering our options with my legal team,” Lebo M reportedly added.

Mbongeni Ngema
‘The Lion King;. Image via Twitter @soreo_joshua

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Over the years, Lebo M has proved to have his lawyers on speed dial. He is a no-nonsense-taker and would rather let the law fight his battles. In recent weeks, he topped the trends list after admitting that he was taking his latest wife Pretty Samuels to court after she allegedly abused her power with his electronic signature. She was also accused of taking his luxury vehicle without his permission and was given 48 hours to return it before further legal action was taken 

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Lebo M and his other ex, actress Zoe Mthiyane also had a few rounds in court. This follows The Lion King producer having allegedly released a press release announcing the end of his engagement with the former Generations: The Legacy star, citing disagreements over a prenup. The estranged couple had gone back and forth for some time on social media before Lebo M decided to sue his ex for R6 million in a defamation suit.

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