Kuli Roberts

Kuli Roberts spoke about her last wishes in a ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG’ interview late last year. Image via Twitter @kuliroberts

‘I don’t want to be remembered’: Kuli Roberts’s last wishes to MacG

Kuli Roberts – who passed away on 10 February – said in an ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG’ interview that she doesn’t want to be remembered.

Kuli Roberts

Kuli Roberts spoke about her last wishes in a ‘Podcast and Chill with MacG’ interview late last year. Image via Twitter @kuliroberts

Former The Queen actress, journalist, TV presenter and radio host Kuli Roberts revealed in an interview with Podcast and Chill in September last year that she doesn’t want to be remembered when she passes away.

She also shared her views as an advocate for creating awareness of albinism during the interview.   

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The former Sunday World lifestyle editor, TV personality and Kaya FM radio host — who passed away on Thursday evening 10 February — shared what her last wishes are for when she passes away in an interview with MacG on Podcast and Chill.  

When MacG asked her how she’d like to be remembered, Roberts simply replied:  

“I don’t want to be remembered. I want you guys to look after each other.”  

“Look after the people who have albinism, look after the LGBTQIA community, look after black people…”  

Kuli Roberts

She also said people should stop insulting black people, saying black people can’t swim.  

“We were the ones saving the sailors when they were settling on this continent.”  

Tragic passing

Daily Sun reported that the beloved media personality passed away at her home while she was getting ready to do a radio crossover last night at 22:00.   

A friend of the media personality — who prefers to stay anonymous — confirmed her passing to the publication this morning.  

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The 49-year-old Roberts made eye-opening statements in the interview and also taught people the importance of embracing people living with albinism.  

She explained why she goes by the name of “Stop Albinism Killings” on her Twitter account and why she’s been passionate about this cause.

She also revealed in the September interview with MacG that she has made it a life goal to advocate for albinism and does not want it to just be seen as a trend.  

“I don’t put a hashtag, it’s a way of life. I don’t wait until its Albinism Awareness Month to start advocating.”

She also mentioned in the interview that “black homophobes” should know that women also do date each other. 

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