Errol Musk Zuckerberg

Errol Musk says Elon’s fight with Mark Zuckerberg is just a PR stunt. Image via @celebritychat22/Instagram

‘I killed three’: Elon Musk’s father Errol on gunfight with intruders

Errol Musk gave all the gory details about his ‘Clint Eastwood moment’ saying he took on seven intruders during a gunfight in South Africa.

Errol Musk Zuckerberg

Errol Musk says Elon’s fight with Mark Zuckerberg is just a PR stunt. Image via @celebritychat22/Instagram

Former engineer and businessman Errol Musk, who is the father of billionaire and Tesla boss Elon Musk, has revealed all the gory details of a break-in bloodbath that took place at his home in South Africa in 1998.

The 76-year-old, who made headlines a few months ago for fathering a second child with his 35-year-old stepdaughter Jana Buizedenhout, told The Sun in an interview on Thursday 29 September about how he killed three armed intruders in the presence of his daughter, Ali, who was six at the time.

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According to Errol Musk, he had gone to Sandton in Johannesburg to check on his rental property which was being renovated and painted before his tenants moved in.

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When he got home in the evening, his daughter, now 29, had said she wanted to take a bath in the main bedroom en-suite. While going to get her a towel, seven men confronted him in the lounge area and opened fire on him upon sight.

“As soon as they saw me, they started shooting at me,” he explained.

Unharmed, after a hail of bullets, Errol claims he hurried to grab his .357 Magnum.

“They opened up on me. I killed three. One bullet went through two of them.

“I took the first guy out through the head. The police found him with the top of his head missing.

“I was using hollow point ammunition, so the round broke up, and the shrapnel hit the guy behind him in the chest.”

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Further detailing the bloodbath, Errol said that only one guy remained after his first shot as the others ran away.

“We both fired at the same time. I hit him in the groin, and I thought he had hit me. I looked down to see where I was shot.”

He added that if it wasn’t for the partially open vinyl expandable which he was standing behind, the bullet would have hit him “square in the chest.”

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Errol Musk revealed that his daughter ran to him and stood, naked and shivering when she heard gunshots — comparing himself to American actor and director Clint Eastwood.

“She was next to me during the whole thing. She clung to me like a monkey but kept quiet through the whole thing. She didn’t scream or cry,” he said.

He further claimed that his daughter was not traumatised by the incident because “dad won”.

This, he says, is due to Ali’s Afrikaner genes which she gets from her mother Heide Bezuidenhout. Heide is also his stepdaughter Jana’s mother.

“Afrikaner girls have much more guts than English South Africans,” he explained.


Errol Musk claims he was later charged with manslaughter over the incident but was acquitted because he acted in self-defence.

In addition, he said that he lost hearing in his right due to the incident, but said it was “a cheap price to pay.”

Bragging about his sharpshooting skills, Errol says he won the South African National Defence Force’s shooting championships for the gunfight.