Musa Liesl Mthombeni Marriage

Celeb couple Dr Musa and Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni. Images via Instagram: @liesllaurie and @drmusamthombeni

Tweeps attack Dr Musa and Liesl’s marriage AGAIN!

“The depression that is waiting for when his hun cheats, is still doing push ups while drinking Herbalife,” said a tweep about Dr Musa’s love.

Musa Liesl Mthombeni Marriage

Celeb couple Dr Musa and Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni. Images via Instagram: @liesllaurie and @drmusamthombeni

Dr Musa Mthombeni has once again landed on the wrong side of the Twitter streets for boldly loving his wife, former Miss South Africa, Liesl Laurie Mthombeni.

Musa is known for going overboard when it comes to expressing his love to Liesl and every time he gets hate for it but it seems, this time tweeps are calling for Liesl to cheat on him.

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A Twitter user, Chris Excel posted a series of tweets wishing that Liesl throws Musa’s love In his face and cheats on him.

One of his tweets read, “I can’t wait for this hun to cheat on him”

While a lot of tweeps are throwing hate at Musa, some are defending him and applauding the way he is not shy to show his wife just how special she is to him.

Musa is said to be so expressive with his love because of the way his father proudly loves his mother. Which is an argument that a lot of people are making.

They are saying that the people that are not understanding Musa’s reasons for loving his wife so boldly are people that never witnessed affection growing up.

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These people, according to some tweeps, need to be hugged because society cannot expect people who never got enough love from their parents to understand and appreciate how Musa loves his wife.

“Dr Musa married the woman he loves. Most married men had to settle cause they fumbled good women. It’s telling in their hate towards him expressing his love for HIS wife. As for “is she his first baddie” smh. No loser he actually met a good one and kept her,” said @E_Thokozile.


Because of the way most people are failing to understand Musa’s love language, some tweeps are convinced South Africans are so used to toxic relationships that they can’t comprehend a normal relationship.

“The way South Africans are used to enjoying toxic relationships shows in their comments they’re having for Dr Musa. Y’all always have chest pains when you see a genuine person expressing their love for their significant other. People who are from broken families behave like that,” @Ghost_Garci

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