Jub Jub

Jub Jub was a guest on ‘Podcast And Chill’. Image via Instagram @official_jubjub.

‘Justifying absent fathers’: Tweeps on Jub Jub’s leaked audio clip to Kelly

Jub Jub to Kelly Khumalo: ‘I need my boy. The boy needs his father and please can we meet at your soonest convenience.’

Jub Jub

Jub Jub was a guest on ‘Podcast And Chill’. Image via Instagram @official_jubjub.

Television presenter Jub Jub played an audio clip of himself reaching out to his ‘baby mama’, singer Kelly Khumalo on the latest episode of Podcast And Chill which aired on 1 December.


Jub Jub’s interview with MacG on Podcast And Chill is described as the “most anticipated interview.” This is because he alleged Kelly Khumalo lured him away from Amanda du Pont, with “muti.” 

“Please, I need my boy. The boy needs his father and please can we meet at your soonest convenience… and we can address the issue of the boy and any other issue that you wish to address. I want to put our differences aside for the sake of the boy,” he said.

The Uyajola 9/9 host then shared an audio clip of a voice note he sent to Kelly asking to have a relationship with their son Christian.

Take a look…


Kelly’s side of the story was different though. The Empini hitmaker revealed that she got tired of asking Jub Jub and his family to be a part of Christian’s life on an episode of her reality show. 

“I’ve tried and when Christian gets older he will know. I mean his old enough to remember that I did mention certain things with him because I was trying to make an effort for him to have a father in his life. I am washing my hands. I have had enough,” said Khumalo

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Tweeps thought the television presenter was an absent father for not actively being apart of his son’s life.

“Speaking the TRUTH is not bad mouthing!!! Kelly BEGGED Jub Jub for years to be a part of his son’s life,. Y’all like justifying absent fathers,” wrote @Nampree.

“Jub Jub is just a deadbeat father. It has nothing to do with Kelly. If he really wanted to access to his son he would have fought for custody,” wrote @Sethu_idk.

“If Jub Jub really wanted to see his son he would, he just doesn’t want to. This is unfortunately the story of many South African deadbeat dads. He can afford to take Kelly to court and fight to be in his son’s life. Sies,” wrote @PaliWaters.


“Somebody please tell Jub Jub that society does not owe him anything in life. He is wrong for the life choices led him where he’s from., he must focus on rebuilding his brand instead of blaming other people as if they owe him favours,” wrote @DisaneSabelo. 


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