Take a look inside Princess Ch

Image: GettyImages/PrincessCharlene/Instagram

Take a look inside Princess Charlene and Prince Albert’s palace in Monaco [photos]

While Princess Charlene is set to return to Monaco from South Africa, here’s a look at the luxurious palace she will see soon:

Take a look inside Princess Ch

Image: GettyImages/PrincessCharlene/Instagram

As Princess Charlene is finally making her way to Monaco after being “stuck” in South Africa, we took a look at the luxurious palace the princess will return to.

Princess Charlene to return to Monaco soon

The royal has been stuck in South Africa since May 2021 as she continues to battle an ear, nose and throat infection. According to the latest reports, earlier this month she underwent a “final” operation which should allow her to return to Monaco.

Taking to Instagram, the mother-of-two shared a clip from a podcast, in which she spoke about coming down with the infection and her hopes to return to Monaco soon.

“I came to South Africa to oversee some foundation projects,” she explained. “I was unwell at the time, unknowingly, and I had an infection which was addressed immediately.”

She continued: “Unfortunately, it grounded me for some months here in South Africa. I’ve had my one procedure it was very successful and I’m feeling much stronger.

“I have one more procedure and then I cannot wait to get home to my children who I miss terribly and I think if there is any mum out there who has been separated from her children for months will feel the same way that I feel.”

Princess Charlene is reportedly due to return to Monaco later in October to be reunited with her husband, Prince Albert, and their six-year-old twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco. Image: Twitter/AndyVermaut

According to Hello Magazine, Prince Albert also spoke about Charlene’s impending return to Monaco, telling RMC radio that his wife “is still in South Africa, but will be back very soon, we have to talk to the doctors in a few days”.

He also spoke about Charlene’s health condition, adding: “She is better, although it has been very complicated for her because she has suffered different problems.”

A side-long view of the Royal Palace in Monte Carlo. Image: GettyImages

Princess Charlene will join her husband and family at the pink palace in Monaco. The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is the official residence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco. Built in 1191 as a Genoese fortress, during its long and often dramatic history it has been bombarded and besieged by many foreign powers. 

Image: Thierry Esch/Paris Match via Getty Images.

It is said that while the palace is open to the public, the living quarters of the family are tucked away – though the royal pair are partial to sharing a glimpse into their regal home with the public.

The Daily Express reports that photographs of the 43-year-old Princess and 63-year-old Prince of Monaco at their home-held engagement celebration and wedding ceremony from 2011 have revealed the true grandeur of the palace interior:

Royal Wedding inside Palais Princier de Monaco
Image: PA

In 1814, the palace that was once home to Grace Kelly, Prince Albert’s mother, was refurbished after some 20 years of dis-use and once again at the end of the 19th century. Prince Albert’s decision to begin renovating the palace once again will see major changes made to restore the exterior and interior decorations.

Image: Thierry Esch/Paris Match via Getty Images.

The renovations started five years ago and are expected to be finished by Spring 2022 when the public will be able to see a refreshed version of the palace for themselves.

Image: palais.mc