Gareth Cliff

Gareth Cliff opened up about why he left radio. Image via Instagram @grcliff

‘I knew I was going to get fired’: Gareth Cliff on leaving radio [watch]

Former 5FM radio personality, Gareth Cliff revisited his reasons for leaving radio. He said that he has no regrets about leaving in 2014.

Gareth Cliff

Gareth Cliff opened up about why he left radio. Image via Instagram @grcliff

During his podcast on Cliff Central, on 18 July, seasoned former radio personality Gareth Cliff decided to share his views about the radio culture and said that he has no regrets about leaving radio when he did as he believes he would have gotten fired eventually anyway.


Nowadays, the likes of Dineo Ranaka and Unathi Nkayi have been trending for the wrong reasons when one thinks of radio. While Ranaka has recently been fired from Kaya FM and joined the Chillers on Podcast & Chill, Nkayi on the other hand has taken her matter with the radio station to the court.

Speaking about influential radio people in South Africa during his podcast, Gareth Cliff shared that he had communicated with an unnamed woman about how his career had been impacted by the “cancer culture”. He said he’d been often asked a similar question and wanted to share his point of view on a public spectrum.

Cliff left the radio in 2014 and started his own podcast. He shared that many people often ask him how he timed his departure.

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“I knew I was going to get fired at some point right? There a very few radio broadcasters in your point who say anything newsworthy anymore. It’s not in their interest or in the interest of the radio station for them to say anything except the blandest observations about music or weather,” Cliff said.

“Those who have been cancelled often have to be rehabilitated. Not because they did anything wrong in the first place, but because society has a short attention span and trends change as quickly as underwear…

“The first step for anyone who has been cancelled is if they believe that they have a point to make then to never apologise,” he added.

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Gareth Cliff
Gareth Cliff started Cliff Central in 2014. Image via Instagram @grcliff


Since embarking on his journey in the podcast industry, Gareth Cliff has done quite well for himself. By 2022, he had already managed to make a mark not only locally, but internationally as well; he was placed in the top 10 per cent of the most shared podcast globally, IOL reported. He thanked his fans and listeners for helping him to reach the achievement via a Tweet.

“To every single person who has streamed, downloaded, shared or participated in our podcast, THANK YOU. You’ve made us one of the best in the world, and we’ll continue to entertain, inform, inspire and empower. Onwards and upwards!” he Tweeted.

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