Singer Ringo Madlingozi at DStv Delicious Festival.

Singer Ringo Madlingozi at DStv Delicious Festival. Image via Twitter @KarenELotter

‘I’ve amassed too much experience to be an opening act’: Ringo Madlingozi on DStv Festival

Legendary musician Ringo Madlingozi opens up about the ‘bad’ treatment he received at
DStv Delicious Festival.

Singer Ringo Madlingozi at DStv Delicious Festival.

Singer Ringo Madlingozi at DStv Delicious Festival. Image via Twitter @KarenELotter

Award-winning musician Ringo Madlingozi, who recently made headlines when he walked off the DStv Delicious Festival stage mid-performance discusses his experience.

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The singer Ringo Madlingozi tells Sowetan that he was treated unfairly at DStv Delicious Festival compared to international musicians.

The Ndiyagodola singer also reveals that he’s gathered too much experience, of over 35 years to be one of the opening acts.

Madlingozi adds that he waited two hours before he could do a soundcheck ahead of his performance at the DStv Delicious festival on Sunday.  

“My former management convinced me to perform at the festival even though I felt that I’ve amassed too much experience, of over 35 years, to be one of the opening acts.”

He says he agreed because he was told by his previous management that his fans were going to be there, and he would have a great time performing on stage. The musician adds that when he got there, there was nobody.  

“As we were performing, we were then told my time was up, after just 38 minutes. This did not make me happy hence I decided to tell everyone during my last song that I would never do this festival again.”

Briefly reports that the singer has apologised to his fans and revealed in a Radio 2000 interview this week that he was given 38 minutes to perform when the initial agreement was an hour.

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Ringo Madlingozi also revealed in the Radio 2000 Iinterview that DStv Delicious Festival organizers have no respect for South Africa.

He added that until the organizers speak to him and explain why they made him, and his team feel so small, he will not be going back to the festival.

Funeka Peppeta, who is the Media director of the DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival tells Sowetan that they aim to treat all artists with the utmost respect and professionalism

“After 10 years of Delicious, we can proudly say that we have supported more South African talent than most over the years, from live performances to providing a platform for them to the festivalgoers as well as in media and social.”

Peppeta adds that every artist is treated equally from the time they are booked to their experience on site. They are concerned about the complaint from Madlingozi and they were looking into his allegations.

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