Mzansi have shared hilarious memes following an earthquake on Sunday morning.
Image via Twitter: @RealMrumaDrive

Mzansi is a meme! Tweeps share hilarious earthquake reactions

Social media users have been sharing their best memes following an earthquake which hit Johannesburg on Sunday morning…


Mzansi have shared hilarious memes following an earthquake on Sunday morning.
Image via Twitter: @RealMrumaDrive

Following an earthquake felt across Johannesburg on Sunday morning, social media users have been tweeting up a storm of hilarious memes about their experience.

And even convicted criminal Thabo Bester and Royal AM chairperson Andile Mpisane have caught strays too!

According to a statement by the South Africa’s Council for Geoscience (CGS), the quake’s epicentre was located in the Boksburg area, registering a magnitude of 4.7.


On Twitter, the earthquake soon became a trending topic. And in typical Mzansi fashion, memes were the order of the day….

Here are a few funny ones…

Comedian Donovan Goliath quickly shared a skit of his interpretation of the earthquake, which he compared to “someone dropping a Mugg & Bean muffin on the floor.”


Meanwhile, Thabo Bester – known for his Netflix-style antics just as wild as an earthquake – also became a trending Twitter topic.

Many social media users joked that the convicted criminal had something to do with the natural disaster, while others demanded to see “proof” that he had not escaped prison again.

Posting a picture of Bester, one tweep tweeted: “The tremor was started by Thabo Bester. We must quickly check if he’s still in the cell”.

Others responded…

@lungbee: “We need trusted public volunteers who will verify in person whether he is still there. This man & his team can set up a prison background and do a fake photoshoot while he’s ice skating in Switzerland”.

@am_blujay: “We need video footage and five pictures of him inside his cell, something fishy about this whole #earthquake.”

@ponky_david: “Imagine the warders, where Thabo Bester is kept…woke up running around, bumping into each other…yhooo!”


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Thabo Bester has recently made headlines, not just for his meticulously planned prison escape, but for scamming the public while he was behind bars!

The 36-year-old went as far as to dupe the public into believing he was a wealthy businessman named Tom Motsepe, based in New York. However, Bester was merely sitting in his cell at the Mangaung prison in Bloemfontein.

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He’s also convinced the public – particularly women – that he is a hot-shot showbiz producer . He’s also claimed to be a luxury property investor since his escape.