Dudu Zuma

Former POresident Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Dudu. Image via Twitter: @DZSambudla

‘Ask your father’: Dudu Zuma slammed after ‘nine years wasted’ tweet

Dudu Zuma is at it again with tweets dedicated to defending her father and as usual she is getting a good dragging from South Africans who aren’t buying what she’s selling. Take a look…

Dudu Zuma

Former POresident Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Dudu. Image via Twitter: @DZSambudla

Duduzile “Dudu” Zuma seemingly never shies away Twitter controversy. The daughter of former president Jacob Zuma frequently finds herself in the firing line for what can be considered controversial posts about her dad but this hasn’t stopped her from once again taking to the social media app to once again plead her father’s case.

Dudu Zuma rallies ‘Zuma zombies’ while irking the anti-Zuma gang

The 37-year-old Duduzile Zuma is quite relentless. The young woman has seemingly taken it upon herself to be her father’s No 1 online supporter and this role has gained her a number of fans and an equal amount of critics.

She has once again found herself in the middle of praise and criticism after she headed online to ask ANC supporters why they are still voting for the ANC if her father had indeed wasted nine years while at the helm of the ANC party as the country’s president.

‘Nine years wasted’

Her question makes reference to the fact that current President Cyril Ramaphosa had termed Zuma’s ruling over South Africa as “nine years wasted,” something that quickly became popular among anti-Zuma supporters.

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“Balance me real quick: If we had these so-called “9 wasted years” under the ANC Government, why would people still vote ANC!? The same ANC of colonial sellouts that fail to protect their comrades and their people….hayi suka!” she wrote.

Netizens have seemingly had enough!

Many people appear to be super annoyed with Dudu and her ample tweets dedicated to proving her father a South African hero. Naturally, there were also Zuma supporters professing their endless love for the Zuma family:

@takalanimasiya said:

“It was ‘Zuma’s disastrous 9 wasted years’, which brought corruption, poverty, unemployment and junk status!”

@MusaXab said:

“Why do you say ‘if’ as if there’s doubt that Jacob Zuma took us from the pot into the fire? Look at everything around you maybe because Zuma got hundreds of millions in the 9 years, you can’t see the dire situation!”

@Mbuyi_Pajero said:

“Zuma Zombies are delusional.”

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