Dr Nandi

Dr Nandi is accused of running her Sandton celebrity practise illegally.
Images via Instagram: @drnandipha

Forget Thabo Bester: Dr Nandi practising ILLEGALLY, says HPCSA

Hiding fugitive Thabo Bester is just another criminal offence Dr Nandi is dealing with, after the HPCSA accused her of practising illegally.

Dr Nandi

Dr Nandi is accused of running her Sandton celebrity practise illegally.
Images via Instagram: @drnandipha

The criminal case against Nandipha Mogudumana, or Dr Nandi as she is commonly known, is mounting. Apart from allegedly harbouring a fugitive – Thabo Bester – the celebrity aesthetics doctor is accused of practising illegally, according to the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA)

In bombshell claims, the statutory body revealed Dr Nandi, or Nandipha, is not a registered doctor. This, after she was removed from the council in 2021. They also claimed that she could be prosecuted if proven to have practised illegally.

Nandi is allegedly in hiding along with Bester after GroundUp exposed how the latter reportedly faked his death and escaped prison in May 2022. 

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According to News24, the HPSCA are likely to take action against Dr Nandi after they revealed she was not a registered doctor.

The body claims the doctor failed to pay her annual fees in 2021. This saw her deregistered – and run her practise illegally. Dr Nandi is the owner of Optimum Medical Aesthetics Solutions based in Sandton.

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They said in a statement to the publication.

“This becomes a matter for the HPCSA inspectorate office to investigate further, in conjunction with law enforcement, to determine whether she is practising while not registered with the council. As stipulated in the Health Professions Act, 56 of 1974, practising while not registered with [the] council is a criminal offence”.

In a quick search on the HPCSA site, Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s name recorded five results – two suspensions and three closed registrations.

Dr Nandi
Dr Nandi is allegedly in hiding with Thabo Bester after she shut down her Sandton business. Images via Twitter: @drnandipha/ @sli_masikane

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In addition to possibly being prosecuted over her professional practice, Dr Nandi has also made the headlines for several other bombshell allegations, which include:

  • Owing R800 000 in unpaid rent and fleeing her Hyde Park rental home
  • Being in a romantic relationship with Thabo, as stated in a sworn court statement
  • Telling a Pretoria High Court that she was his customary wife and collecting his “body” following a prison fire at the Magaung Correctional Centre.
  • Going into hiding, as confirmed by her father
  • Abandoning her Sandton business Optimum Medical Health Solutions
  • Renting multiple properties with Thabo Bester, 
  • Registering multiple business names, with the aid of Bester. She also reportedly registered two in the names of her friends, who had no prior knowledge of it.

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