Kelly Khumalo fashion

Kelly Khumalo. Image from Instagram@kellykhumaloza

‘She’s killing it’: Kelly Khumalo wows Mzansi with maternity fashion

Kelly Khumalo has been topping trends with her maternity fashion photos that have flooded social media since announcing her pregnancy.

Kelly Khumalo fashion

Kelly Khumalo. Image from Instagram@kellykhumaloza

Kelly Khumalo has undoubtedly impressed Mzansi with her maternity fashion since she confirmed her pregnancy.

According to IOL, Kelly Khumalo made it known that she was pregnant with her third child a few months ago. Against the backdrop of her announcement, she has been making all sorts of headlines with her maternity fashion, from jumpsuits to bump-hugging outfits.

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Khumalo has been topping trends on Twitter after her bump-hugging pictures went viral on social media. Mzansi quickly weighed into the comment section with their two cents about her maternity fashion.

Despite the Twitter thread swiping at Khumalo for copying Rihanna’s maternity fashion, her followers were convinced that Khumalo wowed the world with her dressing sense whilst pregnant.

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Kelly Khumalo fashion
Kelly Khumalo. Image from Instagram@kellykhumaloza

Many rubbished the claims that Rihanna’s maternity fashion influenced her dressing sense. Here are some comments that flooded the comments section in defence of Khumalo maternity fashion

@Beloved_Ekasi tweeted: She did this before Rihanna even thought of having kids and she looks really good ❤️
@KanyoKngwendu commented: Kelly has been pregnant 2 times before Rihanna and has been revealing her tummy. Akho Rihanna ngandawo apha
@CharmPAINNN said: She looks amazing! 👌 Good to see she’s almost due. By the time the case resumes, we won’t hear about ‘bedrest’ & have postponements.

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Against the backdrop of her maternity fashion Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots about her children.

Christian Khumalo with Jub Jub

Khumalo has served maternity fashion since her first pregnancy. Khumalo has a son with a media personality and rapper, Jub Jub, born Molemo Maarohanye. Their affair allegedly ended after Jub Jub was nabbed and put behind bars for culpable homicide.

However, according to the rumour mill, their affair was marred with abuse and cheating allegations. Khumalo and Jub Jub has often topped trends for the wrong reasons. The two have often taken social media jabs against each other. Kelly Khumalo has swiped at Jub Jub for being a deadbeat several times.

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Thingolenkosazan Meyiwa with the later Senzo Meyiwa

She also wowed Mzansi with her maternity fashion during her second pregnancy. Thingolenkosazana Meyiwa Khumalo is Khumalo’s second born and happens to be a girl. The late Senzo Meyiwa was the father to Thingo.