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Murdah Bongz poses with his wife DJ Zinhle Images via Instagram @murdahbongz.

‘We want to build a house’: Zinhle reveals plans with ‘baby daddy’

DJ Zinhle revealed that she is building a house with her ‘baby daddy’ and ‘husband’ Murdah Bongz. Take a look…

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Murdah Bongz poses with his wife DJ Zinhle Images via Instagram @murdahbongz.

On the latest episode of DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected, the businesswoman revealed that she and her “husband” Bongani Mohosana, popularly known as Murdah Bongz, are planning on building a house.


South African DJ Ntombezinhle Jiyane, popularly known as DJ Zinhle, revealed that she and her husband Murdah Bongz are building a house together. She explained that she wants to have the house fully paid for. So, they do not need to take out a loan.

“Bongani and I have a goal. We want to build a house and for us to build a house we understand how much work it is going to take,” she said. 

“Let’s make sure this house is fully paid for by the time we are done. I don’t want to take any loans. So, your splurging on clothes…” she continued. 

Murdah Bongz joked that he can’t wait for their home to be built because he is tired of seeing his neighbours in underwear.

“I also can’t wait for the house, I’m tired of seeing my neighbours underwear,” he said.

The Umlilo hitmaker also revealed that Murdah Bongz has been so determined to save money for the house that he has been travelling alone.

“He’s so determined for this house that he’s not even travelling the team, he is travelling alone. So that he can save money,” she said.

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DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz love designer labels. Image via Instagram: @djzinhle

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Twitter users gushed over the pair. Take a look…

“I’m so grateful to have a husband like him ????I think it’s really cute to have someone who understands the type of work you do.. Bongani and Dj Zinhle already planning on getting a house together ????,” wrote @lindelani_weza.

“Oooo did I hear DJ Zinhle and Bongs speaking of house plans ?????? That sure is going to be an AMAZING house,” wrote @fefekayy.


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