Mofaya DJ Sbu, Prime, Logan Paul

Mofaya creator DJ Sbu has slammed Logan Paul’s Prime drinks.
Images via Instagram: @djsbulive/ @loganpaul

‘It’s nothing special’: DJ Sbu slams sales of Prime drinks [watch]

‘Don’t be fooled’: DJ Sbu said of his energy drink competitor – US star Logan Paul – whose Prime drinks have been a raving success in Mzansi.

Mofaya DJ Sbu, Prime, Logan Paul

Mofaya creator DJ Sbu has slammed Logan Paul’s Prime drinks.
Images via Instagram: @djsbulive/ @loganpaul

Sibusiso Leope – or DJ Sbu – has long been pushing his brand of locally produced energy drinks: Mofaya. In fact, he’s even gone as far as selling them at busy road intersections around South Africa. Which is why the hype around Pime energy drinks – created by US YouTuber and TikTok sensation Logan Paul has the SA star seriously irked.

On Monday, 1 May, Checkers officially launched their sales of Prime for just R40. In many stores around the country, the stock was quickly sold out.

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In a YouTube video, DJ Sbu lambasted his competition: Prime drinks.  The video was titled: “PRIME Energy vs. MOFAYA Energy | Foreign vs. Local.”

The annoyed star said criticised the public for giving into the “hype.”

Slamming Prime, he said: “It’s nothing special. It’s not like it’s a drink you’ll drink that will drive your car or give you the lotto numbers.

He added: “Be careful of being duped or enticed about all these European, American, and foreign brands and products when you have better here at home. Let’s not be too excited about things coming from overseas that are too expensive and add no value to our lives”.

“Don’t be fooled.”

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DJ Sbu then praised his product Mofaya, which he claimed was also helping reduce the unemployment rate.

“The greatest thing we’ve ever done is unlock our mindset of supporting our own and being proud of our own.  We’ve made it a cultural drink”.

However, he quickly conceded: “There’s a lot we can learn about how they [Prime] market.”


On Monday morning, Checkers announced that stock of Prime drinks haD already sold out on their Sixty60 app.

According to many shoppers, the online store crashed shortly after early access at 22:00 on Sunday.

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Shoppers were then directed to visit their local physical stores.

On social media users, shoppers shared photos and videos of long queues and large crowds at their local Checkers stores.

Checkers, Logan Paul, Prime
Checkers shoppers are braving long queues and stampedes to purchase Prime drinks, made by TikTok stars Logan Paul and KSI. Images via Twitter: @ChangeAgentSA

And many of the consumers are young, overly enthusiastic shoppers.

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According to one Twitter user, many shoppers even braced stampedes just to get in stores!

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