Dineo Ranaka Zola Hashtatsi

Zola Hashtatsi has slammed Kaya FM for firing Dineo Ranaka. Images via Instagram @dineoranaka.

Not lucky but blessed: Dineo shows off a glimpse of her new man

“I wish this for all of us”: Radio and TV personality Dineo Ranaka is head over heels in love after walking out of her marriage lady year.

Dineo Ranaka Zola Hashtatsi

Zola Hashtatsi has slammed Kaya FM for firing Dineo Ranaka. Images via Instagram @dineoranaka.

Former Kaya FM presenter Dineo Ranaka is happily in love and has shows led her fans a glimpse of her new man.


The Sex and Suff podcast host on MacG’s YouTube channel recently took to her Instagram to show off her boyfriend.

Dineo posted a video of herself and her man travelling together, but was careful not to reveal his face.

“With ease. At ease. For peace,” she captioned the video.

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When one fan commented that the reality TV star does not give up on love, she replied: “I may go through a season of being upset by it or mad at it … but I will not commit to giving up on it.”

She also told another fan she does not think that love always finding her is due to luck.

“I honestly don’t think it’s luck. When we live our truth, we will always attract the goodness that comes with that level of authenticity.

“I see it as more of a blessing. I don’t make people’s wrong doings against me a ‘me problem’ … I will always work on myself while I’m in waiting for a better more peaceful love. I wish this for all of us,” she wrote.

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In 2021, Dineo got married to Klaas Pasha, however their marriage only lasted a few months.

During a recent episode of her podcast, she opened up about Pasha, whom she has previously called “the most abusive man”.

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She revealed that everything was rosy between them until he paid lobolo.

“I picked out this attitude, and I was like where is my best friend? I was being called a whore, being pushed down the stairs.”

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Phasha had previously been in a thirteen-year-long marriage, she said.

“I said to him, you put your first wife through thirteen years of misery, and you think I am going to sit and try to measure up to that timeline?

“When I sit in interviews and speak about boundaries that I set in my life, that thing is not a joke. If you violate my boundaries, it means that you think so little of me.”

Dineo and Pasha have a baby together. She also has two other children from her previous relationships, one of them with rapper Blaklez.

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