Radio personality Dineo Ranaka is trending on Twitter. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

Dineo on #TheRanakas: ‘She’s so selfish, self-centred and rude’

Following the first episode of ‘The Ranakas’ season five, Tweeps labelled Dineo Ranaka ‘toxic, selfish, self-centre d and rude.’


Radio personality Dineo Ranaka is trending on Twitter. Image via Instagram @dineoranaka.

Twitter users dragged radio personality Dineo Ranaka for being “toxic” after the first episode of season five of her family’s reality show, The Ranakas aired on 6 January. 


The first episode of The Ranakas season five kicked off on 6 January on Mzansi Magic channel 161. Ntate Kgotlaesele and Mam Nonceba Ranaka are parents to Manaka, Dineo, Mpumi, Ziggy and Ranaka. The family does not want to lose their authenticity. 

“Just because we have cameras that come here, we cannot lose who we are. We have got to be real. Our truth is that we are simple people without glitz and glam. Just because people see us on tv, it does not mean that we live differently from other people,” said the parents to Drum.

This season Ntate searches for his sister and Mam Nonceba is adapting to running the family business during a pandemic. The first episode of the fifth season already caught the attention of Tweeps as #TheRanakas trended on Twitter.

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Tweeps slammed the Metro FM radio host in the comments section for being “toxic” as well as self centred and rude. Twitter users thought Dineo was not letting Manaka speak.

“Each and every season we have to watch Dineo’s toxicity and pretend like we draw strength and courage from that. When in reality she’s not someone to look up too, she’s so selfish self-centred an rude arg sies #TheRanakas,” wrote @Riccardo_Elle.

“Manaka and Dineo just said the same thing. But the way Dineo said it!!!! I honestly, think that Dineo hides behind the guise of ‘honest and true’ conversation but she can be rude, disrespectful and absolutely, unnecessarily mean. #TheRanakas,” wrote @wrote @asanda_01.

“So, Dineo hasn’t changed her toxic ways.. also, she needed a ‘friend’ to tell her to go back to her family but refused when her grandmother asked her???  #TheRanakas,” wrote @thobi_princess.

This comes just a few weeks after Dineo had a public outburst with her ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole. 

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