Christall Kay

Christall Kay is said to be joining ‘The Picture Perfect’. Image via Instagram @chrstallkay

‘Not the greatest environment’: Christall Kay joins new reality show

‘Real Housewives of Johannesburg’ reality TV star Christall Kay was said to have joined a new reality show called ‘The Picture Perfect’.

Christall Kay

Christall Kay is said to be joining ‘The Picture Perfect’. Image via Instagram @chrstallkay

The experienced reality TV star from The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, Christall Kay was recently said to be joining another show that will be airing on our TV screens and viewers can get to see more of her bubbly personality, TshisaLIVE reported.


Kay is reportedly joining The Picture Perfect celebrity reality show that was said to be premiering on e.TV on Sunday, 23 July. She reportedly thought she was joining a makeover show and only realized that it was not much later.

Kay is not a stranger to reality TV and the drama that can occur between cast mates. She seems to have already had a situation with one of the cast members and was quoted as saying,

“There was quite a twist in the tail of me enjoying the show. There was another contestant on the show and we’ve had a big run-in before. I would not have done the show if I knew that person was there. But I didn’t know. It was not the greatest environment for me. It was quite something to continue but I’m proud of myself that I did and got through.”

Christall Kay
Christall Kay was said to be joining a new reality show. Image via Instagram @christallkay

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Earlier this year, Kay was reported to be having financial problems and was said to be looking for any gig just to make ends meet. According to ZiMoja, she had told the publication that her mansion had previously been listed on Property24 for R18.5 million. She was also said to have found a buyer and had recently sold it to a businesswoman known as Kim Bubu. Things however were reportedly not going according to their agreement. Kay was quoted as saying,

“I gave her notice of cancellation in terms of the contract when no payment was forthcoming. She had already been given a three-month extension. She didn’t pay an instalment and tried to pay the last amount through a bond. But this was a cash agreement; it was never a bond agreement.”

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