'Scandal!' actor Jerry Mofokeng wa Maketha as Neo Mokgethi

‘Scandal!’ actor Jerry Mofokeng wa Maketha as Neo Mokgethi. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

‘Scandal! actor Jerry Mofokeng: ‘Cast actors, not models’ [WATCH]

‘It’s painful to play against a wall’: ‘Scandal!’ actor Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha opens up about acting with influencers and models.

'Scandal!' actor Jerry Mofokeng wa Maketha as Neo Mokgethi

‘Scandal!’ actor Jerry Mofokeng wa Maketha as Neo Mokgethi. Image via Twitter @etvScandal

Scandal! actor Dr Jerry Mofokeng wa Makhetha recently opened up about working with influencers on set.

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The veteran actor Jerry Mofokeng, who is popularly known for his role as Neo Mokgethi in Scandal! took to the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) stage over the weekend to voice his opinion. 

Mofokeng also took to his Instagram account to share what happens behind the scenes when actors are working with influencers or models.

“You get on set ready to rehearse. The influencer arrives two hours late and it’s no issue. They saunter into the dressing room and then the makeup artists have to work around the phone that is glued to their hand.”

“They finally get on set and the director has to be careful not to cross them. The producers and the channel must always be happy. The scene is blocked and you feature prominently when they are not in a close-up.”

“Then the cherry on the cake is when you are told to tone down your acting because you are not No 1 on the call sheet. You dare not upstage or upset the ‘lead’. This is not an exaggeration.”

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@GaoNolwazi: “That’s why their shows end after a year because they busy giving roles to people that are not talented.”

@Morganical00: “Well it is about how many followers you have because you’ll attract more viewers to the show.”

@Mo_Magodaa: “Unfortunately producers will always balance the two because they need numbers to get the next season.”

@charliesamsonSA: “That time it’s the broadcaster that has final say on who gets casted. Unless its a feature film, directors have no say when it comes to casting for TV.”

@Nifftee_: “And that’s how radio in SA died. They brought it all the gimmicks because they had a huge following on instagram “the WooShems, Weekend Kings and Miss Soweto winners etc” who can’t do links for sh*t.”

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