Cardi B

Check Cardi B’s car collection here. Image via Instagram @iamcardib

‘Waste of money’: A look at Cardi B’s elite car collection [watch]

American rapper Cardi B gave her fans a sneak peek into her garage. Fans were appalled to see so many expensive cars collecting dust.

Cardi B

Check Cardi B’s car collection here. Image via Instagram @iamcardib

A video of American rapper Cardi B—real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus giving her fans a tour of her luxurious car collection has been doing the rounds on Twitter since it was posted on Tuesday, 30 May. After seeing the rapper’s cars, fans were stunned to see so many expensive cars just sitting in the garage, collecting dust.


Cardi B became a global sensation after releasing her song Bodak Yellow in 2018. She has since topped the charts with her other songs such as Be Careful, Please Me, WAP, and more. The 30-year-old has also won several awards including Favourite Music Video, New Artist, and Female Hip-Hop Artist awards.

Cardi B went on to marry 31-year-old Offset from the Migos rap group on 20 September 2017. They became the newest Hollywood power couple, People reported. Offset—real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus is known for spending a lot of cash everywhere he goes, and don’t dare think he has to run to the bank before spending a few stacks as he always keeps a stack or two on him at all times.  

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In the video going viral on Twitter, Cardi B can be seen showing her online followers around her car garage and pointing out one or two of the cars Offset had bought for her. Some of the luxurious cars seen in the clip include a blue Lamborghini Aventador, a red Lamborghini Urus, a black Mercedes Maybach, as well as a red SUV Ferrari.

It’s uncertain how much Cardi B and Offset make, however, one can only image that they must make a lot to have such expensive cars just sitting in their garage.


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Cardi B
Take a look at Cardi B’s luxurious cars here. Image via Instagram @iamcardib


“I never understood why rich folks have so many cars, like where do you even drive yourself to? Waste of money,” @IamJulito commented.

“The right cars are good investments, particularly if you don’t drive them,” @CashOneNJ replied.

“Incredible lol it’s a great collection better than I’ll ever have the chance of owning but it’s pretty basic as far as car collections go for rich people,” @JRIZZAFIZZA said.

“Look at all the dust on these cars. Wtf is the point in owning them bro if you ain’t gonna drive them,” @_MMA_Kirby asked.

“What she can really do is open a car rental service… a lot of money could be made,” @alisha18plus suggested.

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