Bongani Fassie

Bongani Fassie. Image via @bonganifassie/Instagram

Bongani Fassie ‘fears for his life’ amid legal battle

‘Why would I kill him because it is through him that I will clear my name?’: Bongani Fassie and Lance Stehr will face off in court.

Bongani Fassie

Bongani Fassie. Image via @bonganifassie/Instagram

Bongani Fassie, who is the son of the late legendary South African musician Brenda Fassie, allegedly fears for his life.

According to Sunday World, the producer and artist are no longer in “peace talks” with his former record label executive, Lance Stehr over the R6 million defamation lawsuit he was slapped with.


The outlet reports that after receiving a summons, the former Jozi member requested a meeting with Stehr at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg on Thursday 25 August with hopes of settling the matter out of court. Fassie requested the meeting through an intermediary but reportedly did not show up for the meeting because he was scared Stehr would kill him.

Fassie requested a second meeting through the intermediary, but this time, at the Douglasdale police station because he felt safer.

“After waiting for a while, the intermediary approached Lance and told him that Bongani was no longer coming because had been advised not to attend the meeting by some employee at the channel,” the source said.

Stehr also confirmed that Fassie indeed stood him up on both occasions.

“Why would I kill him because it is through him that I will clear my name?

“I’m proceeding with my lawsuit. This claim that I will kill him is another way of assassinating my character,” he said.

The muso also confirmed that he did not show up for the meetings, saying he will face Stehr in court.

“I don’t know man, I don’t want to comment on that. My lawyers said I should not comment on the matter because I don’t want another lawsuit in my hands.”

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According to Drum Magazine, Stehr – who owns Muthaland Entertainment – is suing Fassie for defamation of character following allegations the former Jozi group member made in his show Finding Bongani on Moja Love last year.

During the show on Moja Love, the musician alleged that Stehr had contributed to his depression, a very dark period in his life where he was out of the public eye. The artist spoke candidly about his drug and alcohol addiction, claiming Stehr gave him his first cocaine hit.

Fassie’s allegations were backed by kwaito legend, Zola 7, who labelled Stehr “evil”.

Mercy Phakela, who is a 1990s pop musician, also corroborated his claims by labelling Stehr “a master of drugs.”

“He takes drugs and gives them to the children so that they don’t think properly. So they shouldn’t use their minds to preserve their culture and to know the financial side of the industry,” Mercy Pakela alleged.

When questioned about the lawsuit last week, Fassie said that he did not know about it, but Stehr signed consent to do the show. He also reiterated the cocaine claims saying “the cocaine stuff is true.”

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