Khosi Twala and Nelisa Msila

Khosi Twala and Nelisa Msila. Images via Instagram @khosi_twala, @nelisa_msila

‘BBT’ winner Khosi to take legal action against ex-housemate Nelisa

Khosi Twala says she wants to teach fellow #BBTitans housemate Nelisa Msila a lesson after claiming she sent hitmen to her family.

Khosi Twala and Nelisa Msila

Khosi Twala and Nelisa Msila. Images via Instagram @khosi_twala, @nelisa_msila

Journalist and Big Brother Titans (BBT) winner Khosi Twala has rubbished her former housemate Nelisa Msila’s claims.

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The media personality has told The Citizen that she is going to take legal action against Nelisa who claimed that she hired hitmen to kill her father and sister.

Khosi told the publication that Nelisa is speaking hogwash and that is why she has not entertained her rant. However, the more Nelisa tweeted, the more she realised that the allegations were serious. As a result, she says she has spoken to her lawyers to work on the matter.

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“I want to teach her a lesson that you cannot just tweet such lies about people on social media and get away with it,” Khosi said.

She also said that she does not know Nelisa outside the Big Brother house and Instagram.

Khosi Twala
Khosi Twala (left) and Nelisa Msila (right). Images via Instagram @khosi_twala, @nelisa_msila

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Nelisa made the damning allegations in several Twitter posts at the weekend, saying she is tired of being bullied by Khozi and her fans.

“If you message me and tell me you’re going to kill my sister, name the address. F**k it. Call me all you want not my family,” she wrote in one tweet.

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In another tweet, Nelisa wrote: “Come to me correct @RealKhosiTwala or come to me right in person. You threatened my family f**k you.”

Nelisa, who was evicted in week seven of the show earlier this year, threatened to go to court and the police, saying she has eight witnesses.

In more tweets, the ex-BBT housemate said she also knows hitmen.

“You begged them to post you on YouTube. And “they”said no because of me so you decided to go after my family? Bitch please. Nami I know inkabi [I also know hitmen] we will shoot each other tsek.

“She still hasn’t messaged back yet everybody is telling me to stop tweeting. Let’s meet in court.  You have my number we both know that @RealKhosiTwala text me stop telling people to text me.the screenshot says everything,” she continued