Actress Thuli Phongolo was dragged on ‘Big Brother Mzansi’. Image via Instagram @thuliphongolo.

‘Big Brother Mzansi’: Thuli P ‘annoyed’ over being dragged on first episode

Actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo on ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ season three: ‘Not them phapheling me on the first day.’


Actress Thuli Phongolo was dragged on ‘Big Brother Mzansi’. Image via Instagram @thuliphongolo.

Actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo expressed how annoyed she was because she was dragged on the first episode of Big Brother Mzansi by the contestants. 


Big Brother Mzansi season three kicked off on Sunday 23 January with host Lawrence Malika. The show trended on Twitter as Mzansi was glued to their screens. 

Actress Thuli Phongolo previously expressed that she is a big fan of the reality series. 

“Guys, I’m obsessed with Big Brother… every season it’s ME being invested! Take me to rehab! ????,” she tweeted.

Thuli tuned in to the show but she was most likely surprised to see the contestants drag her on the very first episode. The actress was the topic of discussion between housemates. 

“Not them phapheling me on the first day… ???? #BBMzansi,” she tweeted.

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Twitter users talked about Thuli being discussed on Big Brother Mzansi and many thought the contestants were gossiping. Some even said that the contestants allegedly expressed that Thuli was “wack” in the industry.

“They said she’s wack in the industry,” commented @mphomarabe3.

“Unlike them I quite enjoy your acting and I’ve also seen you on the decks. Their opinion about you Nuna doesn’t matter, we love you,” commented @0cd1432297dd480.

“They discuss sensitive things. I said it, these housemates are stepping on toes,” commented @MungiMntungwa.

“These people are gossiping too much and I’d like to hear more of their opinions about SA celebrities (and) stuff,” commented @TheBoyFuegoSA.

The actress seemed annoyed that the contestants were talking about her; but she still continued to tweet about loving the show. 

“Hayibo! Now they rubbing thighs. I hate to love this show! FR! #BBMzansi,” she tweeted.

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