Ayanda Thabethe, tweet, controversy

Image via Twitter @AyandaThabethe_/Twitter

Model Ayanda Thabethe accused of flaunting ‘black privilege’ amid unrest

TV presenter and model Ayanda Thabethe made the wrong move after tweeting about being able to ‘escape the madness’ at her holiday home. She quickly deleted her post but not before she was accused of flaunting her ‘black privilege’…

Ayanda Thabethe, tweet, controversy

Image via Twitter @AyandaThabethe_/Twitter

Ayanda Thabethe made a quick U-turn after tweeting something that many Twitter users basically perceived as her flaunting her “black privilege”.

Taking to the app late on Thursday evening this week, the young model expressed gratitude about being able to escape to a holiday home.

Haibo, Ayanda!

While many people were tweeting about how terribly their lives have been affected by the unrest in the country, South African TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe was flaunting the fact that she and her family could “escape the madness” and go to their holiday home.

Of course, she also added a little bit of dramatics just so it would seem like she wasn’t really bragging — but unfortunately for her, many people still found the tweet inconsiderate:

“Grateful to be in the privileged opportunity to escape the madness to our holiday home. Figuring out how to get food to my family is what’s weighing heavily on my heart. I’m going to need to do this until things are okay and who knows how long that will take,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

South Africans can’t believe it

While Ayanda tried to save herself from the influx of tweets coming her way by deleting her tweet, she was too late. Many tweeps had already gathered the evidence and were using it to drag the young woman for shoving their dire financial situations in their faces.

A lot of them were soon tweeting about Thabethe and as a result, she was trending.

Twitter reacts

Read a few of their comments below:

“Beauty without brains. But the masses do follow such an inhuman person just like they follow the ANC. They got nothing good to offer during these trying times. They get relevance by followers, that how they get paid #ayandathabethe,” wrote @kwenza_luthuli

“The problem is that when most of y’all make it you become insensitive and crass. Most of us are very much aware that the riots are heavily linked to poverty & inequality. This tweet is tone-deaf. Do better! #PhoenixMassacre #CyrilMustResign” said @truth_telling

Shame man, poor, rich Ayanda

While many resorted to dragging the model, others decided that she had no ill intentions. A lot of them defended her tweet by saying that she was just being grateful for her blessings.

“So you guys are angry at Ayanda Thabethe for telling the truth,” wrote @Bubbles.

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