Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus and Raiane Lima have reportedly split just months after welcoming their daughter. Images via @dejesusofficial/Instagram

Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus ‘splits’ from Brazilian model

‘Who wants to celebrate, can celebrate (especially family members)’: Gabriel Jesus and Raiane Lima welcomed their daughter 8 months ago.

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus and Raiane Lima have reportedly split just months after welcoming their daughter. Images via @dejesusofficial/Instagram

Brazilian-born striker Gabriel Jesus and his partner Raiane Lima have reportedly called it quits just months after welcoming their first baby.

According to the Daily Star, the Arsenal star and the model started dating in July 2021. Eight months ago — when Jesus, 25, was still at Manchester City — the pair welcomed their daughter Helena Jesus.

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Raiane announced the shocking news in a now-deleted Instagram post. The Instagram influencer revealed that their break-up was caused by pressure from external forces.

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According to Raiane, the decision to break the news herself was to prevent gossip from spreading. She added that she’s nonchalant towards anyone’s opinion on the situation.

“Before gossip spreads, I myself make a point of letting you know that Gabriel and I are no longer a couple. And whoever wants to judge can judge. Anyone who wants to say some bad things, can speak. Since some like disgrace, I do it myself question of announcing the end of something that almost consumed me,” Jesus’ partner wrote.

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The 21-year-old also prompted her family members to celebrate suggesting they are the ones who put strain on their relationship.

“Who wants to celebrate too, can celebrate (especially family members). After this post, you know that you will never again see me talk about what we went through, or about any subject related to our daughter,” she said.


The Brazilian model went on to highlight that the cause of her break up with Jesus was pressure from external forces and not betrayal.

“It wasn’t betrayal, it was just pressure from everyone and everything. We got along well, but because of other people’s problems, it always got to us. I can’t take it anymore, and I’m not going to force myself into something that’s killing me.”

The beauty also removed all her pictures with Jesus from her Instagram.

Gabriel Jesus and Raiane Lima in their happier times. Image via @dejesuseofficial/Instagram