Akon believed women and men could never be equal. Image via Instagram @akon

‘Men and women could never be equal’: Akon goes on ‘sexist’ rant

Senegalese American musician Akon went on an outrageous rant, saying that women should play their roles and endure the pain caused by men.


Akon believed women and men could never be equal. Image via Instagram @akon

Akon launched a shocking rant during a recent podcast interview with Joe Budden. The 49-year-old Lonely hitmaker reportedly claimed that men are ‘the diving kings of the universe’ and women could never be equal to men.


Akon, who reportedly has nine children with four different women, shared his beliefs and said that women need men to procreate while men do not. He said that as a man, one could easily have a child by putting their sperm in an “incubator”, The Independent reported.

He further added that women needed to understand their roles.

Akon reportedly boasted that African women treat their men as kings and advised American women to take some notes.

“They aren’t competing with you or fighting for equality because they understand that men and women could never be equal. They understand their roles.” IOL quoted him as saying.

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The Senegalese-born musician attempted to clarify his outrageous statements and said that he believed there is a natural structure and that there should be some balance. He insisted that if women played men’s roles or vice versa, there would be no balance.

According to Metro, Akon insisted that a woman’s role was to endure the pain caused by men and remain loyal to them because that was something that God himself had installed in them. He said that kind of loyalty came naturally to women. He was quoted as saying,

 “God installed love, emotions and compassion in a woman because, as a motherly figure, those things have to be instilled. This is why women catch feelings so quickly; this is why they can endure so much pain and still be there; that loyalty comes naturally.”

Akon shared his sexist beliefs with Joe Budden. Image via Instagram @akon


The lengthy rant was sparked by the interviewer quizzing the African star about the differences between women in Africa and America.

Akon shared his views saying Africa was like a paradise because the women weren’t just beautiful but also had a different sense of mentality. He reportedly said,

‘Here [America], even if you say the word role to a woman here, they get offended. [If you say] “You play your role, let me play mine”, [they say], “Role? What the f**k do you mean play my role?” Everybody has a role; that is the infrastructure of life.”

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