Tweeps react to Anele Mdoda’s body transformation. Image via Twitter @anele.

‘She is so fine’: Anele shows off physique after being ‘body shamed’

Twitter users have weighed in on Anele Mdoda’s ‘beautiful’ body after controversial blogger Musa Khawula ‘body shamed’ her.


Tweeps react to Anele Mdoda’s body transformation. Image via Twitter @anele.

Twitter users have weighed in on media personality Anele Mdoda’s weight loss as seen in a tweet on 1 September.


Media personality Anele Mdoda took to twitter to show off her body as she appears to be at the gym. 

“Alexa please play Chris Brown ‘kiss kiss’ for my kiss madolo,” she wrote.

Anele has been sharing several photos of her weightloss journey for sometime now. The Sowetan Live reports that boxing and tennis were the main activities that helped her shed her weight. She also revealed that she followed an eating plan. 

So, many Tweeps showed Anele love in the comments section of the post.

“Embracing and celebrating your imperfections is beautiful,” wrote @michaelmatebe_.

“She’s so fine and she is  so sexy,” wrote @WillyRasta5.

“Your body dear. You really worked hard, I am so proud,” wrote @selepe_phindile.

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However, some Tweeps brought up controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula’s harsh comment to the media personality. In August, Khawula “body shamed” Anele and asked her to get on a “treadmill” after she showed Moshe Ndiki support. 

“Get on a treadmill b*tch,” he wrote.

This was after Ndiki and Khawula allegedly got into a fight. So, Tweeps brought up Khawula’s remark in the comments section.

“Musa said get on a treadmill… and you showed him. Well done,” wrote @Mageu93045060.

“So vele you getting on the treadmill like musa told you to?” wrote @primros77369181.

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