Tony Forbes

Rapper AKA was shot and killed outside ‘Wish’ restaurant in Durban on 10 February 2023. Image via Instagram @tonydforbes/ @akaworldwide

Father-son love: Inside AKA and Tony Forbes’ relationship [watch]

AKA’s father, Tony Forbes, has always had his son’s back. He has shown a rollercoaster of emotions since learning about his son’s murder.

Tony Forbes

Rapper AKA was shot and killed outside ‘Wish’ restaurant in Durban on 10 February 2023. Image via Instagram @tonydforbes/ @akaworldwide

Slain rapper AKA—real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes was killed in cold blood on 10 February outside Wish restaurant in Durban, and over the years, his father Tony has continuously shown his undeniable love for his son.


AKA was sent to one of the best schools in the country, St. Johns College in Johannesburg. And, while most parents would never allow their children to take up music, let alone rapping as a profession, in AKA’s case, he had both of his parent’s support to pursue his dreams.

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Tony Forbes
AKA’s father Tony Forbes proved to have undeniable love for his son. Image via Instagram @akaworldwide


After AKA’s death, the rapper’s fans were furious and wanted the slain rapper’s killer/s to be caught and arrested as soon as possible. They accused AKA’s close friends, Don Design and others to have had a hand in the murder of the Sim Dope hitmaker.

However, Tony made it clear that he trusted his son’s decisions and did not go along with the fan’s conspiracy theories.

Zalebs quoted him as saying,

“We do not condone what is being said about AKA’s friends.”

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Right after learning about his son’s death, Tony announced he would be the family spokesperson. His strength to uphold his son’s memory in the best way possible during his time of grief was commendable.

It was at AKA’s memorial service when Tony finally broke down and wept for his son for the first time in public.

In another heartbreaking clip, Tony was seen at his son’s funeral paying his respect to AKA as he leaned over the slain rapper’s grave, seemingly overwhelmed once more.

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Tony always supported AKA even in his choices in relationships. In 2020, he took to his Instagram and posted his son’s baby mama, DJ Zinhle, and captioned,


Most recently, he posted a picture with himself, AKA, and his son’s last girlfriend, Nadia Nakai, and wrote,

“@nadianakai Nadia, from the first day that I met you, I knew you were right for my boy. See that smile on his dial! Thank you [for] loving him, he loved you truly. We love you. ❤️”

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