Thabo Bester

Thabo Bester at 15 years and 36. Images via Twitter @Kutzov and @chriseldalewis

Aaron Motsoaledi: ‘Thabo Bester started stealing at age of four’

Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi reveals that Thabo Bester’s criminal activities began when he was four years old.

Thabo Bester

Thabo Bester at 15 years and 36. Images via Twitter @Kutzov and @chriseldalewis

The Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi told City Press during the investigation by the SA Police Service (SAPS) that Thabo Bester started stealing from the age of four. 

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The former Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi added that the Facebook rapist Thabo Bester was found with large sums of cash at the age of four.

“There are reports that he started stealing from the age of four. He’d be found with large sums of cash that he had stolen from neighbours and [he would] have vanished from sight by the time they realised their money was missing.”

IOL reported in October 2011 that a Kibler Park businesswoman, Nelléne Louw, described how she had met Bester when he was four years old and living in Eikenhof.

“There was a knock at the back door and there stood a grandfather and this small boy. The old man asked if I had given money to the child. I said no.” said Louw,.

She added that his grandfather found a large sum of money on Bester, who revealed she had given it to him.

The publication adds that he admitted to stealing a bottle of coins from the Ferreira family a year later where his grandmother, Johanna Bester, and grandfather Abel worked. “This was also where Bester was born on 13 June 1987,” adds IOL. 

Robert Ferreira, who is Nelléne Louw’s brother also told the publication in 2011 that his sister helped bring him into this world.

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It is believed Thabo Bester’s mother, Meisie Magagula was only 16 when she gave birth to him and before she left in the care of her parents.

Robert Ferreira adds that Bester’s grandparents, Johanna and Abel Bester worked for his family for more than 40 years.

“They raised us – me, my brother, and two sisters – as they had raised Thabo. They did not drink a lot. They would drink on weekends like everyone else. Never in the week. My parents trusted them implicitly.”

The Louws reportedly tried several times to help Bester by buying him tracksuits, paying for his travel expenses, etc.

The convicted rapist allegedly asked the Louws to adopt him at one stage, the he disappeared for years and turned up at their Kibler Park home asking for help to obtain an ID book.

Residents revealed in 2011 that the was allegedly fathered by a local shopkeeper.

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