Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba shared a sweet birthday message with a mystery man. Images via Instagram: @bonang_m

Bonang not part of cast for ‘Young, Famous & African’ for season 2

Tv and radio personality Bonang Matheba will be joining the Netflix reality tv show but will not be part of the permanent cast.

Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba shared a sweet birthday message with a mystery man. Images via Instagram: @bonang_m

A couple of months ago, it was revealed that Bonang Matheba was filming for the Netflix reality tv show Young, Famous and African.

The South African previously reported that sources close to the Netflix show told to City Press that the popular media personality Bonang started filming season two with African stars such as Khanyi Mbau and Nadia Nakai.  

“She joined the show as its new face. It is not yet clear who she is replacing, but she will come in because fans have been hinting at wanting her to join the show,” one source said.  

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Entertainment Commentator Kgopolo “Phil” Mphela has however clarified the rumours and said that the radio personality will not be part of the cast.

“Bonang joins Netflix reality show But, it’s not in a way many expect. Bonang will be featured on Young, Famous & African, but she is not going to be a cast member. So …Rumours are true, but with a caveat,” Phil said,

When a twitter used asked Phil to explain what he means in football terms, he said:

“Say a play[er] is loaned from another team. He is not part of the club but will play on few matches. Makes sense? There is the CAST on the show and B will appear in some bit but is not part of the cast. Think cameo role in a series or film.”

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After this was announced, Bonang topped the trends list and some are arguing that Bonang is not as relevant as she used to be.

“In all honesty we need to allow Bonang to rest now…she has done well in for the industry but she is not relevant anymore and it’s fine because she can focus on other things like running her businesses,” said @Mpho_Ramufhufhi.

@Tshepo_Gigaba took the chance to defend Queen Bee and said, “Nah I disagree with you, BONANG is still killing it and being featured on the show will definitely get more viewers… BONANG trends the whole day for posting a picture. She’s very relevant…”

Bonang Matheba Young, Famous & African Netflix
Some people are saying the reality tv star is no longer relevant. Images via Instagram: @bonang_m

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Others took the time to poke fun at the weaves that they were subjected to on the first season:

“So last season we complained about the quality of their weaves they brought Bonang to rectify,” said @ChrisExcel102.

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