Carl Niehaus

Carl Niehaus with his fourth wife Noluthando Mdluli and an-girlfriend Benie.
Image via Twitter

Lucky in love? Carl Niehaus’s wives and girlfriends [photos]

ANC stalwart Carl Niehaus has been romantically linked to a string of young, beautiful women over the years…

Carl Niehaus

Carl Niehaus with his fourth wife Noluthando Mdluli and an-girlfriend Benie.
Image via Twitter

Carl Niehaus may have made some dodgy decisions in his past, but one this is certain – he had a knack for dating beautiful, intelligent young women.

Last week, the controversial ANC stalwart has wed his fourth wife, a 27-year-old woman named Noluthando Mdluli.

But the model and entrepreneur is the latest in a long list of women the politician has been linked to.

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Jansie Lourens

According to News24, Carl Niehaus and his first wife met teens at the Rand Afrikaans University. A few years later, the couple was both jailed for high treason for planning to blow up a gas factory in Johannesburg.

Carl and Jansie – who would marry in prison – are parents to daughter Helen, named after struggle stalwart Helen Joseph.

In 2002 the couple divorced after Carl found love with another woman.

Linda Thango

That woman was Linda, a young business consultant. Carl Niehaus would wed his young bride, just months after his divorce.

But despite their glamorous life in the spotlight, this marriage didn’t last long either.

Mafani Gunguluza

Carl wed his third wife, businesswoman Mafani in 2008. The marriage ended in 2012.


In 2019, Carl Niehaus dated a woman named Benie, who was just 23 years old at the time.

Blended family

Carl Niehaus has proudly shared pictures of his “children” – his biological daughter Helen and two stepchildren; daughter Khanya and his current wife’s son.


Over the weekend, Carl Niehaus posted pics of his lobola to his fourth wife, marking the start of their union.

He tweeted: “Today is a beautiful day. I paid lobola for my beautiful wife”.

In the pics, the 63-year-old is seen beaming whilst embracing his makoti. In her arms, is her son from a previous relationship.

Carl Niehaus even shared a pic of his new blended family consisting of his bride, his stepson, another stepchild Khanya, and his biological daughter Helen and her family.

Carl Niehaus met his current wife Noluthando at a Johannesburg mall two years ago.

She told The Citizen of their two-year relationship: “Initially, I was hesitant to date him given that he is white. I grew up in Soweto and had never dated a white person before. However, as I got to know him, I realised that he was not only kind and loving; he was also a true South African who did not identify himself in terms of race”.

She added: “The moment we met, he just blew me away with his caring, kind, and friendly persona. It’s unfortunate that those who dislike him are doing so out of ignorance. If they get to know him, I can assure you, they will immediately view him in a different light.”