Bujy boity

Bujy Bikwa and Boity Thulo Images via Twitter @bujy @Boity

‘We are okay’: Boity let’s go and drops charges against Bujy

Water under the bridge? Boity Thulo has reportedly dropped all charges against Bujy Bikwa after he physically assaulted her in 2021.

Bujy boity

Bujy Bikwa and Boity Thulo Images via Twitter @bujy @Boity

South African media personality Boity Thulo has decided to drop all charges against fellow TV personality Bujy Bikwa. The decision comes almost a year and a half after Boity took Bujy to court for physically assaulting her during a night out in Midrand.

Speaking to local publications, Bujy said that he is at peace and that he and the socialite have hugged it out and decided to let all the anger go.

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Boity drops charges against Bujy

South African social media users were left super shocked after photos of a bloodied Boity Thulo started circulating online.

Soon reports revealed that the former Rockville star had been attacked by TV presenter Bujy Bikwa during a night of drinking.

Boity and Bujy have kissed and made up Images via Twitter: @Bujy/@Boity

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Voice recordings from the violent night also surfaced and revealed that the pair had argued about traditional healers and sangomas before Bujy allegedly hit Boity with a wine bottle.

The matter was taken to court after Boity pressed charges. And now ThisLive reveals that she has dropped her case against him.

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All’s well that ends well?

They have also reportedly decided to “kiss and make up” — whether a friendship is on the cards remains to be seen after Bujy said that they have agreed to be “civil” towards one another.

“We hugged, we spoke, and we are okay. We both agreed we are going to move on and be civil towards one another. I’m at peace, we are both at peace. I think it’s a lesson learned from me I think from both of us,” Bujy exclusively told TshisaLIVE.

He also said that the fight had resulted in him taking big financial knocks and being forced to downgrade his lifestyle.

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