Bloody Skateboard Lil Nas Devil

Images via Twitter: @LilNasX/@LiquidDeath

‘Bloody skateboards’ vs ‘Devil Shoes’: Lil Nas X cries ‘double standards!’

Lil Nas X is fed-up with society’s ‘double standards’. He was criticised for his ‘Devil Shoes’ while skateboarder Tony Hawk’s bloody skateboards were sold out in a day!

Bloody Skateboard Lil Nas Devil

Images via Twitter: @LilNasX/@LiquidDeath

US rapper Lil Nas X recently spoke out against what he believes are societal double standards after Tony Hawk revealed that he was releasing skateboards that are infused with the very blood from his veins and no one really cared. Unlike earlier this year when Lil Nas unveiled his “Devil Shoes” and let’s just say, they didn’t get the warm welcome he expected…

Lil Nas catches feels over bloody skateboards

US rapper Lil Nas X is not happy. This is because legendary skateboarder Tony Hawks recently revealed that he was teaming up with a drink manufacturer called Liquid Death to release a line of skateboards that were made with paint mixed with blood from his very own veins. His big reveal, however, did not cause the stir that Lil Nas’s sneakers did earlier this year.

The Ol Town Road singer teamed up with streetwear brand MSCHF to create modified versions of the iconic Nike Air Max ’97. The sneakers which are called “Devil Shoes” also contained the blood of the MSCHF team members. Instead of marvelling over the shoes, Nas faced backlash particularly from the Christian community who were not impressed at all.

The shoes were designed with a pentagram on the front and featured a bible verse from the book of Luke about Satan’s fall from heaven. Needless to say, there was a worldwide outcry and once again, calls for Lil Nas to be cancelled.

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This may be or may not be because the proceeds of the bloody skateboards which are selling for a whopping $500 dollars are going to be donated to an anti-pollution cause and the sneakers were just part of Nas’s recent devilish style of music.

A Twitter rant is born

Needless to say, the unhappy rapper took to Twitter where he vented about how unfair people were being about the two concepts that are similar but don’t exactly have the same sentiments. According to him, society has double standards and should be reacting to the bloody skateboards the same way they reacted to his sneakers.

He lowkey also suggested that maybe the outrage around his sneakers was sparked by his sexuality which has also been a hot topic in the past.

“Now that Tony Hawk has released skateboards with his blood painted on them, and there was no public outrage, are y’all ready to admit y’all were never actually upset over the blood in the shoes?” he wrote in his tweet.

The net reacts:

@RuslanKD said:

“Sir, you’re very talented and smart. Please don’t continue to miss the point. Folks didn’t like your shoes because it was a Satan shoe. And the vast majority of people, regardless of their view towards your sexuality, don’t play with satanic imagery. No one’s out to get you.”

@BathoryDusk said:

“I don’t recall ever seeing people freak out over the blood in the shoes by itself. It’s the fact that you tied it to ‘satanism’ and put your blood into it. You bring in religion to anything and people will flip. Tony didn’t. That’s why it was better received. Lmao.”

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