Babes Wodumo

Gqom Queen, Babes Wodumo. Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo.

Toothless wonder: Where are Babes Wodumo’s front teeth? [watch]

No pearly whites? The video in which Babes Wodumo responded to the Kamo Mphela comparison, left tweeps wondering whether the Gqom Queen has lost her teeth…

Babes Wodumo

Gqom Queen, Babes Wodumo. Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo.

Tweeps are wondering where gqom artist Bongekile Simelane, popularly known as Babes Wodumo’s teeth is after she posted a video, which was shared to Twitter on Tuesday 7 September. 


Tweeps began to compare Babes Wodumo to South African dancer Kamo Mphela after a video of her energetic performance in London, UK went viral earlier this week. While some said that this is the life they wanted for Babes Wodumo, others said that her husband, Mampintsha was the one to ruin it for her. 

Babes Wodumo first appeared to take the high road and posted a video with Kamo Mphela celebrating her success. 

However, a video of her responding to the hate began to circulate. In the chaotic video Babes Wodumo and what looks like her near and deer are showing off her album plaque on the wall. She also asked Tweeps to respect her brand.

This may have been the Wololo hitmaker’s way of showing Tweeps she is still successful even if she has not made as many international moves as Kamo Mphela.


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However, Tweeps were less focused on Babes showing off her accomplishments and more attentive to her teeth, which seems to be missing in the video. Tweeps mentioned that she is only 27-years-old and has lost her front teeth already.

Some questioned whether her pregnancy affected her two front teeth. 

However, this is a question that has been on Tweep’s minds since March.

Babes Wodumo married her long-time bae Mampintsha in April this year and welcomed their son “Sponge” Wodumo in June. The couple nicknamed their baby “Sponge” in an alleged attempt to mock Mampinsta’s mother as she initially accused Babes of faking her pregnancy and packing her tummy with sponges to look like a baby bump. 

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