Annie Mthembu opens up about the ‘RHOD’ reunion. Image via Instagram @mrsannbition.

‘Ready to speak my truth’: What to expect from Annie on ‘RHOD’ reunion

Annie Mthembu shares what viewers can expect from her on the ‘Real Housewives of Durban’ reunion which airs on 6 May.


Annie Mthembu opens up about the ‘RHOD’ reunion. Image via Instagram @mrsannbition.

Entrepreneur and reality star Annie Mthembu shared what viewers can expect from her on the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) season two reunion on Friday 6 May, in an exclusive interview with The South African.


Showmax announced that the RHOD season two reunions will air in two parts on Friday 6 May and 13 May. Annie Mthembu, who was trending on Twitter after each episode aired, shared what viewers can expect from her. 

The popular reality star said both reunions are pretty much the same for her. She was ready to speak her truth in season one and now she is ready to speak her truth in season two again.

“I think both reunions for me are pretty much the same. Season one’s reunion a lot of the girls were quite relaxed and ready to apologise. I was ready there to speak my truth and I think both reunions are the same for me,” she said to The South African.

“It’s basically the same as you’ve seen from me the entire season. I’m very transparent with my feelings, I’m very open, very honest,” she continued. 

When asked what the highlight of the season was for her, she said it was the trip to Sun City.

“The highlight for me… Sjoe. It’s a difficult one…I’ve been honest this season but I think what I’ve done is maybe be a bit too honest so I haven’t had a very good season but I definitely enjoyed our time in Sun City. For me I think that was a very high point,” she said.

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Annie also expressed that there was a significant difference in her from season one to season two. The entrepreneur explained that she came out of her shell and was much more vocal and confident in season two.

“The difference between season one and season two: Season two I think I was a little more confident. This season I was more comfortable to be myself since I had already done the first season. I was a little more vocal. In season one I was quiet shy in a sense and I giggled my way through everything but this time around I was more comfortable to get involved in things and have conversations. You know, just voice my opinion,” she said. 

So, she had much more fun, being herself this season.

“I actually had a lot of fun shooting this season because of how comfortable I was doing thos season. I feel like I was able to make a few new friends and understand some of the other ladies much better as well,” she continued.

Annie went on to say that she much more fun shooting season two compared to season one.

“This was cool because season one was about meeting new people which was scary for me at the time because I’m quite an introverted person naturally. Yeah season one was a learning curve and season two was sort of just me having fun and engaging, as well as get involved with people. So, it was much more fun for season two,” she added. 

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