Apart from his Saint Lounge ‘no-show’, Akon has been linked to many scandals over the years.
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‘A con’: Tweeps accuse Akon of scamming Saint, millions of fans

Who is scamming who? Social media users have pointed fingers at Akon – who was a no-show at Saint Lounge – citing his controversial history.


Apart from his Saint Lounge ‘no-show’, Akon has been linked to many scandals over the years.
Images via Facebook

Saint Lounge has taken a lot of slack for their latest saga – allegedly booking “no-show” US singer Akon for a three-night performance.

But while the Cape Town club has a reputation for making headlines for all the wrong reasons, many social media users are pointing fingers at the singer this time around.

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According to Saint Lounge, Akon was booked to perform at their Harrington Street hotspot from 3- 5 January 2023. The establishment claimed to pay a booking fee, but the performer “did not honour” his end of the deal.

While many social users have called out Saint Lounge for duping patrons with “false advertising” and hefty table booking fees, others claimed that the establishment was ultimately scammed by the Senegalise-born singer or someone pretending to be him.

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Meanwhile, Akon has yet to mention the Saint Lounge saga on his social media platforms.

The star’s last post was on Tuesday, 2 January, promoting his single Letter To My Son.

According to his timeline, the hitmaker recently visited India, Qatar, and England in recent weeks. Sadly, South Africa and Saint Lounge were never on the cards…


Meanwhile, a quick Twitter search reveals that Akon has long been linked to many controversies.

Here are a few…

Akon City

According to Akon, he plans to build a city in his home country of Senegal. Aptly called “Akon City,” the futuristic community -based on the idea of Black Panther’s Wakanda – will feature healthcare facilities, offices, luxury houses, shopping malls, skyscrapers, and eco-friendly tourist centres.

According to CNN, the project costs $6 billion, and Akon himself managed to raise one-third of the money himself and is looking for investors to contribute the balance.

However, the project has been tainted by allegations that it is nothing more than a “Ponzi scheme” and that the city itself will never materialise.


In 2021, Akon launched his cryptocurrency called Akoin. However, the market value of his Bitcoin has fallen drastically, leading many to believe it is nothing more than a scam.


Akon Lighting Africa

In 2014, Akon started a project which aimed to bring solar energy to African countries. However, the singer secured billions from Chinese investors to make the project a reality – leading many to question if he did more harm than good.


Diamond mine in South Africa

According to the star himself, he owns a diamond mine in South Africa. But Akon has shut down claims “blood diamonds” exist, claiming that it is the stuff movies are made of.

Brother body double

In a recent interview with Revolt TV, Akon admitted to scamming fans by enlisting his brother Abou as his body double when he was overbooked at gigs and interviews.

He said casually: “We was booked so [much], and I was like, ‘Man, all this money I’m leaving on the table. We cannot leave all this money on the table.’”