Akon Hair Transplant

Akon has become a meme after tweeps noticed a fuller head of hair. Images via Instagram: @akon

‘Frontal too low’: Fans poke fun at Akon’s $7,500 hair transplant

Akon’s hairline was receding so he went to Turkey to get a transplant but his fans think his ‘frontal’ needs a little more adjusting.

Akon Hair Transplant

Akon has become a meme after tweeps noticed a fuller head of hair. Images via Instagram: @akon

The Senegalese-American singer and record producer Akon has responded to memes of his hair transplant that seems ‘botched’.

Akon was a guest on the Bootleg Kev Podcast,’ when he revealed to listeners some new details about his hair.

Many fans have already been pointing out that his hairline looked healthier and fuller as of late, and Akon confirmed he made some adjustments -reports Hollywood Unlocked.

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According to Hollywood Unlocked, the rapper said he underwent a $7,500 hair transplant procedure in Turkey. He said the country is good for hair transplants and teeth implants.

“Akon adds that the price of the procedure probably would have been $50,000, but says medical operations are excessively priced in America versus overseas,” said the publication.

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The rapper said the process was not painful, but the part where they numb you up is what’s painful. but he loves it because it looks amazing.

“I got a procedure. Don’t forget in the beginning my whole front was loose. It was real thin.”

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Tweeps saw the difference in Akon’s looks and decided to poke fun at it and give him a virtual “face-lift”.

“Yo this Akon hairline challenge is the funniest shit I’ve ever scene 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂You guys got me rolling!! Send more please!!!,” Akon said on Twitter.


Kev asked him if he was ever worried at all for paying that little money for a serious procedure when he can afford to pay the $50 000 that he would have paid in America.

Akon said he was not worried because in America they overcharge everything healthcare related. He also admitted that he has veneers on and the process was also not painful.

Watch the rest of the video below:

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