AKA teases Super Soft video

AKA teases Super Soft video
Image via Twitter

‘Like nothing happened’: Fans react to AKA ‘Super Soft’ video

‘Are you not supposed to be under investigation for murder?’ a social media user asked AKA after he posted pics from his ‘Super Soft’ music video online.

AKA teases Super Soft video

AKA teases Super Soft video
Image via Twitter

AKA has given his fans a sneak peek at his sexy new music video Super Soft featuring Costa Titch…

The song was released earlier this month and has been tipped to be one of summer’s hottest tracks.

Now the pair have wrapped up filming the music video and are teasing the visuals on their social media accounts


The pics posted on Instagram show off a big budget production for the Super Soft music video, complete with luxury vehicles, plenty of bling and a bevvy of bikini-clad women.

But while many were elated that their idol is finally back in the music business, a handful had a few issues with it…

“Love your music but damn it objectifies women. Aren’t you tired of the naked video whore?” asked one follower.

Then there were those who brought up his past.

“He’s been lately behaving like nothing happened,” one follower remarked in the comments section.

“Are you not supposed to be under investigation for murder?” another follower brazenly asked.

The fans were no doubt referring to the passing of AKA’s fiance Nelli Tembe who died in April after she tragically leapt from the tenth floor of a Cape Town hotel.

Earlier this month, AKA posted a tribute to Nelli, claiming “the pain never goes away”.

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Meanwhile DJ Zinhle revealed the moment she knew she was pregnant with her second child.

The muso – who shared six-year-old daughter Kairo Forbes with AKA – is currently expecting her second child with boyfriend Bongani “Murdah Bongz” Mahosana.

She told News24: “So, we have a dog in the house named Cleo and she was running wild in the house. She wouldn’t let people touch me, she was clingy. 

“I remember going to Dr Fatima, who takes care of my skin, and telling her that my body feels weird, but I said I was not ready for a child. I told her `If there’s a child in my body, I’ll go crazy’”.

But Zinhle claims she instinctively “knew” she was with child.

“After some time, I also realised my periods were not coming. I started joking with Bongani about being pregnant. We ignored it for like a month until he came home with a pregnancy test.” 

“I thought if this thing comes back negative, I’ll be very sad, but I knew it.”

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