AKA breaks down door to get to Nelli Tembe. Images via Twitter @_ShaunKeyz

AKA and Nelli: Shock footage spark rumours of abuse [watch]

A viral video has led to claims of an abusive relationship between rapper AKA and his fiancée Nelli Tembe who died last month. Here is what we know so far.


AKA breaks down door to get to Nelli Tembe. Images via Twitter @_ShaunKeyz

Images and videos of AKA breaking down a door to get into a room where Anele “Nelli” Tembe is hiding from him, has gone viral on Twitter on Sunday 9 May and sparked rumours of an abusive relationship between the rapper and his late fiancée. 

In the images, AKA is seen breaking down a door with his bare hands to get to Nelli at their Bryanston apartment. According to media reports claim she had been hiding from him.

AKA broke down door month before Nelli’s death

Zalebs reports that this took place on 13 March, a month before plunging to her death from the 10th floor at the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town on 11 April.


A video shared on Twitter reveals a traumatised Nelli Tembe screaming and crying while people are trying to calm her down.

“Look what he’s doing, you guys don’t know what he’s been doing to me,” screamed Nelli in the video. 

The video was posted in Twitter user Mohale Motaung’s tweet about abusers and captioned:

“Heartbreaking. There are adults in this room treating her like she’s the crazy one. This girl was left to deal with an abuser alone.” 


Tweeps in the comments section seemed to think that Nelli Tembe was being silenced. 

“Thula? Phola?relax? No they were trying to silence her. Those men should be coming forward, they know something. But they probably won’t coz this is South Africa,
Wrote @J0zigirl. 

“This child was abused yazi…… and where are these people who are trying to calm her in the video, why are they not speaking up on what really transpired,” wrote @@Miss_Tracee. 


Another video in the same setting shows Nelli crying on the floor while the person taking the video claims that she is under the influence and tried to jump off the balcony.

The male voice in the video further claims that he has a witness who knows he did not fight back. Tweeps seem to think AKA recorded this particular video. However, there is no confirmation of this.

Twitter jury is out

Tweeps in the comments section are convinced AKA is guilty of abuse.


AKA has responded via a statement on his social media account saying that he and Nelli Tembe had a challenging and turbulent relationship. He further stated that he was and still is in love with Nelli.

He further stated that he had not been named as a suspect in the case of her death.