Watch out for 'Adulting' S2 on Showmax. Image via Instagram @thabiso_rammusi

Watch out for ‘Adulting’ S2 on Showmax. Image via Instagram @thabiso_rammusi

Adulting: How being a family man off-screen shaped Mpho’s character

Being a family man in real life helped Thabiso Rammusi portray Mpho’s character well in ‘Adulting.’

Watch out for 'Adulting' S2 on Showmax. Image via Instagram @thabiso_rammusi

Watch out for ‘Adulting’ S2 on Showmax. Image via Instagram @thabiso_rammusi

In a world obsessed with the manufactured drama of reality TV, Thabiso Rammusi, star actor of Showmax’s series, ‘Adulting’, is a breath of fresh air. He’s real, he’s flawed, and he might just be Mzansi’s favourite on-screen family man. According to him, “walking in the streets is not the same anymore.”

Showmax stories documented his experience with family, career and fame. “Every place you walk in, people start noticing and talking,”:he said. He finds it challenging because he is “a family man in real life.”

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Perhaps that fact-that he is a family man-is the secret sauce to Rammusi’s on-screen magic. Rammusi’s real-life experience as a father has proven invaluable in portraying Mpho, a character juggling family, career, and the ever-present temptation of straying. 

According to him, he says being a father has made it easy for him to relate with the kids he acted with on set, and to get them to feel relaxed and find good working chemistry.

Among the more older actors, the most prominent still remains Lungile Duma who plays the character, Zithulele, his on-screen wife.

Rammusi speaking of the singer and actress, said, “I felt like the relationship part was easier to portray since I’m married in real life. She’s so amazing as an actress. She’s not afraid to play, which is one of the most important things in acting. We have an amazing working relationship.”

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As his chat continued with Showmax’s Xabiso Ngqabe, he also shared a few core lessons he learned from playing Mpho in ‘Adulting.’ He mentioned honesty, openness and healthy communication as his key takeaways.

“I think it’s when communication breaks down that everything falls apart. If there’s something that’s bothering you, speak to your partner. When I look at Mpho’s life, I realise that the amount of lies he keeps on telling becomes a burden to him and brings a strain into his marriage.”

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For Rammusi, this knowledge extends beyond his own marriage. He advocates for building a community of married friends, a network where experiences can be shared, and the unique language of marital life understood.

“You need to have married friends when you’re married, because we get to relate to each other and speak the same language. When it comes to marital conversations, we are able to help each other and share advice, but it’s different when you have friends who aren’t married.”

So, while the streets may have become his personal red carpet, it’s the lessons learned, the love shared, and the connections that truly define Thabiso Rammusi’s ‘Adulting’ life. 

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