TikToker shares marriage lasted nine days

TikToker shares marriage lasted nine days. Image via TikTok

SA man shares how his marriage lasted nine days [WATCH]

A South African man, Cedric Zulu surprised social media users when he revealed in a TikTok video that his marriage only lasted nine days.

TikToker shares marriage lasted nine days

TikToker shares marriage lasted nine days. Image via TikTok

A man, Cedric Zulu on TikTok left social media in a frenzy after revealing his marriage only lasted for nine days.

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The South African man with the handle @cedriczulupst on Tik Tok shared the video of himself and his ex-wife on their wedding day and said their marriage only lasted a few days.

In the video, the wife is heard singing a worship song, thanking the Lord for making their wedding day a success.

A social media user @PhutiIrene24 comforted the TikToker in the comment section and said: “Nine days is better than wasting nine years of your life knowing very well that things are not working out.”

Briefly reports that the man also revealed in a separate video that he shared the video to show that men of God also go through difficult things. He didn’t share his life story to trend on social media. (Watch video below)

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@thunderreign40: “l wish my mom were wise enough. She stayed in a toxic marriage and never realised how she damaged us, and still today, she never acknowledges her wrongs.”

Tshepang Rantsane: “Nine days is better, there’s a guy who was dumped 24hours after their wedding.”

Ntokozo Siwela: “Typical example of a woman who wants the wedding not the marriage.”

Sipho Mabena: “This guy must just move on with his life. There’s better fish in the river.”

@Xolz: “Nami, I wish I stayed nine days in that toxic marriage, 13 years of hell; it cost me my mental health.”

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I will share my story cuz it’s life

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