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Looking to cut petrol costs? These cars are affordable AND fuel-efficient

Small cars are often mocked online but have quickly become the go-to for people looking to keep more money in their pocket.

cars petrol

As the petrol price continues to rise due to the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia and its effect on Brent crude oil prices, many people are looking for ways to save money when it comes to travelling. While some have completely stopped taking unnecessary trips and visits, others are taking more drastic steps to keep some money in their pockets. Trading big, heavy fuel-consuming cars is quickly becoming common practice as more people opt for cars that cost less and are lighter on fuel.

If this is an option you are looking to explore, then you should definitely continue reading.

These cars are low on fuel and cheaper to maintain

Bajaj Qute

This Indian-built car trended last year as many South Africans made fun of it for its tiny size. With the current petrol prices, many of those people may just find themselves buying themselves a Bajaj to take advantage of an eight-litre tank which costs around R192 to fill.

It’s worth noting however that these cars are not allowed on highways and busy streets and are made for inland travel.

Toyota Ayga

This nifty car is perfect for a budget-conscious person. It is also spacious and quite comfortable. Filling this baby up will set you back a measly R790.

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Suzuki Celerio

This car is small, fuel efficient, and quite easy on the eyes.

According to TimesLive, its three-pot petrol engine is juiced by a 32l fuel tank that inland commands R766 to fill with 93 unleaded.

Renault Kwid

These cars have also been subject to ridicule but can save you a pretty penny when it comes to petrol.

To fill up this 28 litre you’ll need around R670.