career paths

Are Learners Choosing the Right Career Paths? Image: Supplied

Are Learners Choosing the Right Career Paths?

The age of lawyer, doctor or engineer career quests is over. So what other career paths are there for our learners?

career paths

Are Learners Choosing the Right Career Paths? Image: Supplied

In South Africa, the dropout rate for university students is estimated to be up to 60%! A heartbreaking stat, especially considering the unemployment rate in this country. This is due to a number of reasons like access, finances, academic preparedness, and making poor study choices.

The number of youths without work is further upsetting when the talent shortage is factored in, particularly in the tech sector. These are some of the many challenges UCT Online High School is trying to combat along with providing quality secondary education. The online high school has a dedicated Career Services Manager, Munei Tshiovhe, who, along with his team and select professionals come in to give career advice, guide learners based on their individual strengths and in-demand careers.

The world of work has changed as quickly as tech has taken over and people aren’t adapting in step. There will always be a need and place for the lawyers, doctors and engineers, but it’s not for every learner. Firstly, there are a few of those graduates who are without work, but more importantly, there is a wide skills shortage in many other fields, and this has us lagging behind as a country and continent.

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The digital revolution is seeping into almost every other industry. Even the lawyers, doctors and engineers find themselves needing to be competent to avoid disappointment.

Because tech is always evolving, there’s always something new to learn to stay competitive. Which is why being able to study on your own, pace yourself and balance that out with other responsibilities is essential to future success. A built-in skill online learners attain over time.

Over the past two years, the world has been forced to move the entire function of the office online. This has happened successfully, inspiring new and existing businesses to adopt accordingly. Further, it has inspired employees to make the most of the situation. If you can freelance and feed all your interests, why wouldn’t you? Opening up the gig economy.

There is no one perfect job that meets all the requirements of the individual and the health of the market. However, there are principles that, generally, govern the professional space. Right now, that is digital adaptation. Right now, online education helps pave that way at a foundational level.

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