Petrol Price/Fuel Tank

Warning! Thieves drill holes in fuel tanks to steal petrol [WATCH]. Images via Facebook @AndreDeVoss and YouTube @FoxNews

Warning! Thieves drill holes in fuel tanks to steal petrol [WATCH]

South Africans are warned to be careful of where they park their cars as thieves are drilling holes in fuel tanks due to rising petrol prices.

Petrol Price/Fuel Tank

Warning! Thieves drill holes in fuel tanks to steal petrol [WATCH]. Images via Facebook @AndreDeVoss and YouTube @FoxNews

The recent petrol price hikes have resulted in thieves drilling holes in fuel tanks to steal petrol from motorists.

Two South African residents recently shared their petrol theft encounters when thieves drilled holes in their fuel tanks to steal the high-priced commodity.  

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In a Facebook post, Ashley De Voss who resides in Table View cautions motorists to be careful where they park as thieves are now drilling holes in fuel tanks to steal petrol, due to the rising petrol price.  

Stuart from Table View also shared with Darren Simpson from Cape Talk Radio about his recent petrol theft encounter that happened at his home a few weeks ago.  

Stuart reveals in his interview that he hosted a braai with a group of friends and when it was time to leave, one of his friends realised his car had suddenly run out of petrol.  

“We had six vehicles in the driveway, they coincidently hit the two that had full tanks, so the other four weren’t tampered with.”

“The Monday morning, the other mate that was also in my drivewa, he got stuck on the side of the road Sunday morning and he worked for a panel beater. He goes to panel beaters and realised that they had drilled holes in his petrol tank. He passed the message to me and we figured out what happened.”

His friend confirmed that his petrol also ran out and his tank was tampered with and that thieves targeted his car and another as they had full tanks and left out four other cars parked in his yard.  

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Wheels24 reports that this trend directly impacts the unfortunate victim to fork out extra cash because of the punctured tank.  

A local dealer revealed that depending on a particular car’s make, model, and fuel delivery method (carburetor or electronic fuel injection), a replacement tank could cost as much as R25 000.   

Fuel tanks could also be repaired, which could reduce the cost drastically, depending on the severity of the damage.   

A strong smell of petrol and seeing a puddle underneath the rear of the car are sure-fire ways to know that the tank has been tampered with somehow. Silverton in Durban is one of the many companies specialising in reconditioning and replacing fuel tanks.   

On Monday 4 July Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe, announced that petrol prices for South African motorists are set to increase on Wednesday 6 July. Mzansi is shocked by the increase and took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the blow to their pockets. Some tweeps are ready to invest in other modes of transport due to the skyrocketing prices.    

In a statement, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy said the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine had deeply affected fuel prices across the globe.     

Currently, motorists inland are paying R23.94 for a litre of 93 petrol and R24.17 for 95 petrol but from Wednesday 6 July, motorists can expect to pay almost R2 more for fuel.    

For inland motorists, the 93 petrol price will rise to R25.66 per litre while the 95 petrol price will rise to R26.09 per litre.