SA gymnast to perform Olympic

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SA gymnast to perform Olympic routine virtually this August

SA gymnast, Caitlin Rooskrantz will virtually perform her Olympic routine this August on the same day she would have performed in Tokyo.

SA gymnast to perform Olympic

Photo: Supplied

Sanlam is looking to “raise the bar” and SA’s spirits with the live-stream of a South African 2020 Olympic hopeful’s gymnastic routine this August.

Many will know that 23 July 2020 was supposed to be the start of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Instead, the Games as well as most of our plans for 2020, was disrupted and postponed.

In pursuit of some good news

On Sunday, 2 August, SA gymnast, Caitlin Rooskrantz was due to take to the bars as the first artistic gymnast to represent South Africa at the Olympics in 15 years. So, in honour of the years of hard work and preparation that went into getting Olympic-ready, and in pursuit of some good news and real heroes we can all get behind, Sanlam will be live-streaming Caitlin’s routine from her training facilities in Johannesburg on the exact day she would have performed in Tokyo.

“Of course, this was not Caitlin’s plan, but now is the time to be making some new plans,” says Sanlam’s Chief Executive for the Brand, Sydney Mbhele. “That’s exactly what we do at Sanlam every day by helping people to reach their goals, despite the setbacks and unseen disruptions. Which is why we’re only too happy to be supporting Caitlin in still reaching her goals – albeit in a different way. She is an inspiring example for us all of someone that has not let challenges get the better of her, but instead let them make her even better.”

Indeed, every achievement in Caitlin’s life can be traced back to her always staying flexible and nimble – not just on the gymnastics bars, but regarding her dreams and goals too.

Having endured her fair share of changed plans and setbacks, Caitlin first set her sights on competing in the Olympics when she was just 11. Multiple injuries then followed – a series of which took her out of the competition circuit for almost three consecutive years. Despite these challenges, Caitlin has come back, again and again, to show herself and the world what she’s made of.

Finding another way

“I don’t think I’ve given up on anything in my life,” Caitlin says, “I’ve always tried to find another way through.”

Reflecting on her most recent change of plans (the Olympic Games being postponed), 18-year-old Caitlin is as inspirational as she is tenacious: “I told my coach – the dream hasn’t changed, only the timeline has shifted.”

With her sights now set on making her routine even better for the Games that will now be held in 2021, the offer to live-stream her routine on the day she would have performed it this year is all the extra motivation she needed…

“After months of intense training in preparation for the Olympics, having the opportunity to still be able to perform my routine for South Africa in this way is incredibly exciting.” 

In the meantime, she is keeping her eye on the goal.

“Keep your eyes on your goal or dream, it will come around again. If you want it really badly – wait and work for it. Don’t give up. I wanted to go to the Olympics from the age of 11, yet growing up, I never knew one person who had actually gotten there. It was such a far-fetched and unrealistic dream – but it’s actually happening!”

The live-stream of Caitlin’s performance will be held on Sunday, 2 August at